Essay On What Is Life? | What Is Life Essay {Step By Step Guide}


Essay On What Is Life? | What Is Life Essay {Step By Step Guide}

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What Is Life

Essay On What Is Life
Essay On What Is Life
“Life isn’t about finding yourself,
Life is about creating yourself”.

Essay On What Is Life In English

Plan your life because you may not see tomorrow. But when your life is well planned,” you won’t be afraid of anything.

Nothing in life really matters here’s why…

The earth has been around for four-and-a-half billion years, one-day humans became a thing and we became conscious.

This world seemed perfect for us it wasn’t scorching hot, it wasn’t deathly cold we fit right in the middle.

The gravity on earth was perfect, it allowed us to move and run and catch animals that conveniently existed for us humans to eat.

There was water to drink, there was oxygen to breathe, it’s as if we were put here for a reason. we began creating things, we begin working together as a species, building empires, covering the planet, and fighting each other for whatever reason.

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Fast-forward a couple of million years and here we are today computers, rockets, Elon Musk they are all here. somewhere along the line we also in a way created something out of nothing it’s called time.

We’ve laid out definitions of time seconds, minutes, hours, years but it doesn’t really matter, we’ve made those for our own use.

Time is nothing more than a way to measure the passing of events but we’ve only really set up these units of time-based on ourselves.

A day is how long it takes the earth to spin around once, a month is about how long it takes the moon to orbit the Earth and also spin around once, a year is how long it takes the earth to orbit the Sun once, you get about 78 earth revolutions around the Sun in this journey called life.

As poetic as that sounds there are not many scales to these things once we pass a human lifetime, sure we can judge how long a thousand or maybe even ten thousand years are but after that the timescales of things are just too much for our brains to handle.

As much as you think you understand the 13.8 billion-year life span of the universe you really can’t put that into an imaginable scale.

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On the scale of human life, the universe is unbelievably old but in terms of the universe’s lifespan pretty much nothing has happened yet it’s barely even started.

We can make predictions about the next hundreds of trillions of years of the universe’s life, we can figure out how when our sun is going to blow up, we can figure out when our galaxy is going to collide with another.

We can come up with theories that describe why the universe we’ve been put into is expanding faster than anything else physically possible but yet we have zero ideas what happened in the fraction of a second between when there was nothing and when there was something.

For some reason as far as we can tell, we’re the only conscious beings to have ever existed but we don’t even know what being conscious is,

We developed consciousness only to be aware of the fact that nothing else is, their growth so aware of our surroundings that the smarter we get the smaller we become as this thing we call time goes on we begin to realize things.

Things that prove that the universe probably wasn’t made just for us. you are most likely born in a hospital if not props to you for making it this far,

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Back then you were in your parent’s entire world for a small-time which is cute but you aren’t everything. 360 thousand people are born each day of all of those people with the same birthday.

Some are going to do big things and change the world, others are just gonna die that just happens but the earth is just one planet in our solar system there’s eight or nine of those for now for life as we know it to exist its kind of hard to believe that there might be other life out there it takes so much to happen for us to be able to exist.

We’ve discovered over 4000 exoplanets to date planets that don’t revolve around our Sun and we found multiple examples of Earth-like planets roughly the same shape, size, temperature but yet there’s nothing there from what we can tell.

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