Essay On Impact Of Science On Life On Earth


Essay On Impact Of Science On Life On Earth

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Essay On Impact Of Science On Life On Earth

“Everything works because of science,
we can’t live long life without science”.

Science surrounds the organized study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world through observation and experiment.

As we know that science has made many changes to our lives. Since ancient times, we see various development in the world, at present, the world is full of electronic gadgets and mechanical machines. The machine does every activity in our surroundings.

In today’s world role of science is undepictable. we need it in every minute part of our lives from booking a cab to train/Flight ticket. We cannot imagine our lives without it because it has solutions from difficult to the most difficult problems in Health, food, education, availability of water, infrastructure, satellite, nuclear power, etc.

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As you know how did it possible? It was all made possible because of science. Science plays a major role in life on earth. It is an era of scientific development. many wonderful discoveries and inventions have been made by science.

With its help, impossible things have become possible now. one of the great wonders of science is electricity. it gives an impact on life on earth. by through moves our fan, cooks our food, lights our houses and shop and runs our all machines.

It has brought about a revolutionary change in every field of life. All of our lives we have known that oxygen and air are the most precious resources to human beings.

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Since the 18th-century science has entered into the modern age of its development. which is based upon the knowledge of the five senses. today we became very modern by science but we forget that too much of everything would be bad.

It destroys our simple and healthy life. science has been responsible for pollution and has given us the nuclear bomb that threatens our very existence.

Advantages Of Impact Of Science:

  • Ease in accessing internet which useful to every human.
  • Provides fast and cheaper communication.
  • Improved banking facilities.
  • Best learning techniques.
  • Ease of traveling.
  • Capable computers to solve complex problems.

Disadvantages Impact Of Science:

  • It destroys our physical health.
  • Digital data manipulation.
  • Privacy concern.
  • Causes social isolation of people.
  • Negative impact on students like an addiction.
  • Weapons and mass destruction etc.
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We can have fruitful uses and results if we use it for might purpose for the welfare of ourselves and it will become a curse if we use it in the wrong way and definitely leads to complete destruction.

At last, we can say that no doubt, science has helped us immensely but It also has some bad effects on life on earth and The government has also created an exclusive department of it and allocated a budget for its development.

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