Write a Letter to Editor About Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

Write a Letter to Editor About Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

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Write a Letter to Editor About Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

Sender’s Address:

The Editor
{Name Of Newspaper}

Subject: Harmful Effect of mobile phones
Respected Sir,

I would be highly obliged if you kindly allow me to ventilate my concern about the excessive use of mobile phones by teenagers and its harmful effects on their bodies and minds through the column of your esteemed daily.

Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I would like to divert the focus of concerned authorities towards the harmful effects of mobile phones.

Today there are many users of mobiles phones whose studies and eyes are affected. They are just affected mentally and physically too. Hope my letter would get space in your prestigious newspaper.

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A mobile phone is a beautiful gift of science. it plays a vital role in the modern world. but nowadays it brings some bad effects upon the people especially upon the young generation in our social life. Now it has become a trend among the young generation, especially among the students.

Most of the time they spend talking with their friends without any important reason during their daily lessons. Some modern mobile sets offer facilities like watching video songs, using the internet and playing games, etc. and all these facilities attract child’s immature minds. for this reason, they can’t make a good result in their examination.

Nowadays, Mobile has undoubtedly made our life easier and faster. But excessive and indiscriminate use of mobile phones can be harmful, especially for the young generation. Young teenagers’ addiction to mobile is a serious problem. Free access to the internet and online-based games can be fatal.

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The younger generation often fails to keep the balance between their study and spending time on mobile phones. They spend quality time on mobiles. Students watch videos on youtube, different social media, etc. they waste their valuable time by playing video games on mobiles. Also, often they get victimized by the fraudulent apps and websites on the internet.

They neglect their study and fail to achieve their expected outcome. Mobile and the internet are not all bad. if the younger generation can use it properly to enrich their knowledge, they can do a lot. Unfortunately, they don’t do it. it is high time that the grownups should come forward and set the path for them.

If we can’t resist ourselves we cannot expect more from the younger generations. Educational institutions and others should fix a proper time schedule to use mobile phones. Schools, colleges, and universities can ban the use of mobile phones on campus when they are not necessary.

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The Govt. should come forward to remove fraudulent apps and sites on the internet. We should promote what is best for them. An editorial letter should be published in your newspaper in this regard. Thanking you

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