Children’s Day Speech Of 2021 | Speech On Children’s Day In English


Children’s Day Speech Of 2021 | Speech On Children’s Day In English

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Children’s Day Speech Of 2021 | Speech On Children’s Day In English

A warm welcome to the respected Principal, all teachers, and my friends. Today I got an opportunity to give a speech on “Children’s Day”.

Children’s Day, also named Bal Diwas is celebrated on 14th November every year in India.

Today is 14th November we all children and teachers gathered here at school to celebrate children’s Day in honor of Chacha Nehru.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Once Said- “The Children of Today will make the India of Tomorrow. Children’s Day is dedicated to children, this day is celebrated for the awareness of the rights, education, and care of children.

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Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Loved children very much that is why we celebrate his birthday on 14 November as children’s Day.

Chacha Nehru loved to live among children. Children also fondly called him Chacha Nehru. Pandit Nehru used to say that children are the future of the country.

They should be given the right care and full rights. Today’s children will become the strong pillar of tomorrow’s self-reliant India.

So keep them happy and it is very necessary to give them every right. Parents should give an opportunity for children to express their thoughts, and try to understand them.

Children are the gifts of God, pure heart, innocent, and loved by everybody. I conclude my speech by conveying my warmest wishes on children’s Day.

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Let’s celebrate the day with happiness and enjoy the gift of childhood. Since we are the future leaders of India.

So, let us collaborate to perform our responsibility of making a beautiful society, a better nation. Thank you, everybody, for giving your precious time and hearing my speech.

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Speech On Children’s Day In English

Good Morning everyone, First I wish you all a very “Happy” Children’s Day,” Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November every year in India.

It is the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru was the first prime minister of India. He loved children very much. he compared children with buds of flowers.

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Children fondly called him “Chacha Nehru“. Children’s Day is a very happy day for children. It is also called “Bal Diwas”.

On this day, schools and colleges organize various events like dance, drama, music, speech, essay writing, etc. Competitions for children enjoy it.

Sweets, books, and gifts are distributed by the school to each and every child. many kinds of programs are also conducted on social media which guides the children.

Children’s Day is a great day to take forward Nehru’s dream in the education of the children. Do, that they can be valuable citizens of the nation.

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