The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Summary {Step by Step Guide}


The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Summary

At the beginning of chapter 3, Nick describes the endless parties that happen over at his neighbor’s house the Great Gatsby. Nick described all the people and all the noise that would come from there.

Eventually one day one of Gatsby’s butlers came by and dropped off an invitation for Nick to come to one of Gatsby’s parties that night. it is in this letter that we learned Gatsby’s first name.

Gatsby’s first name is Jay Gatsby. when Nick got to the party at 7 p.m. he said that he felt really out of place. there were a lot of people there and he didn’t know anybody.

He sort of went around and asked if anybody knew Gatsby but nobody knew where he was at.

Nick found a spot where he didn’t look like such a loner and just chilled there for a little bit after a while Nick was feeling so out of place he says he was tempted to get roaring drunk just to avoid the awkwardness.

When he was about to start drinking he saw miss Baker, it is here where we finally learned the first name of Miss Baker, her first name is Jorden.

When Nick sees Jordan Baker he determines to attach himself to her, when Jordan sees Nick too she realizes that he needs a friend but at first she sorts of brushed him off because two of her acquaintances compliment her about her golf match.

Her two acquaintances were two girls and matching yellow dresses and they said sorry about losing your golf tournament.

Nick Jordan the two acquaintances and three other people sit down and start to chat. a woman named Lucille talks about her last Gatsby party and says that she ripped her dress and that Gatsby had sent her a new nicer one in the mail.

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The small group began to gossip about who Gatsby was and they started saying random stuff like they heard he killed a man or that he was a German spy.

Jordon invites Nick to join her with her main group which was a bunch of people from the East Egg, the East Egg people sort of separated themselves from everybody else because there were wealthier and they sort of stayed out of the chaos.

After some time Jordan leaned into Nick and asked if he wanted to find Gatsby so Nick and Jordan go off around the whole party looking for Gatsby, they went around everywhere but they couldn’t find him.

When Nick and Jordan get to the library they find a drunk guy there who’s super surprised that the books are all real because he expected them to be cardboard.

Nick says that the party continued and people were singing and dancing in and joined their time and as the party went on and got a little more chaotic a man recognized Nick.

The man said that Nick and he had met in France in the war and that they had chatted in France, this guy was super nice and he invited Nick to go hydroplaning the next day.

Nick was about to ask his name when Jordan interrupted their conversation by asking Nick if he was having a good time. Nick said that he was having a much better time than he was at the beginning.

He mentioned to his war friend he was surprised that he hadn’t met the host of the party yet and that he had received an invitation from the host.

The man looked at him failing to understand what he was saying and then he said I’m Gatsby. Nick was shocked and all you could say was what oh I beg your pardon.

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Gatsby thought that Nick knew who he was and apologize for being a bad host. Nick says that Gatsby smiled in a way that you only see four or five times in your life.

He smiled in a way that completely understood where you’re coming from and understood you in the way that you wanted to be understood.

Nick says Gatsby was a 32-year-old elegant guy who talked in such a formal way that it was borderline absurd and charming.

A butler came up to Gatsby and said that he had a phone call from Chicago, Gatsby apologized and told Nick to enjoy the party and have whatever he wanted and he left his hands for the phone.

When Gatsby left Nick says that Gatsby had piqued his interest like no one had ever done before.

He asked Jordan who is this Gatsby because Jordan didn’t really know, she changes the subject and talks about how she likes big parties a lot better than small parties because there’s a lot more privacy in big parties.

After his phone call, Gatsby comes out and asked the band to play a certain song as everybody’s enjoying dancing to the song Gatsby looks out over everyone in approval and Nick says there wasn’t a hint of malice in Gatsby’s being.

As the song ended a butler came up to Jordan and said that Gatsby wanted to talk to Jordan alone, she left with the butler and Nick’s out there alone and joined the party and watching everyone.

Nick says that because people were starting to get drunker and it was getting late couples started to argue and fight. after a while, a large portion of the party had left when Jordan and Gatsby finally exited the room.

Jordan came up to Nick and said that she promised Gatsby that she couldn’t tell him that day what gatsby talked about but that she wanted Nick to visit her and told Nick that she was staying with her aunt.

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Guests were huddling around Gatsby to say goodbye and Nick was embarrassed that he had stayed so long at the party. he had the butler Gravas things and he decided it was time for him to leave.

Nick apologizes to Gatsby for having stayed so long Gatsby tells Nick not to mention it and tells him to come over tomorrow at nine so that they can go hydroplaning.

As Nick leaves the party the drunken guy from the library crashes his car and his wheel pops off, a bunch of guys helps him to get his car out of the road so other people can leave.

In the last few pages of this chapter are Nick pretty much explaining his and Jordans relationship. Nick says that after the party he didn’t see Jordan for a while and that what he did see her they started to hang out a lot.

Nick says that he wasn’t in love with Jordan but that he was comfortable being around her. he says that he discovered the reason why Jordan was the way that she was.

He says that she was addicted to lying and that she didn’t like people calling her out on her lies.

He says that after hanging out with her, for a while, he had a moment where he sort of fell in love with her but he said that his internal role sort of turned it off and that concludes chapter 3.

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