Speech On Farmers Protest In English | Farmers Protest Speech


Speech On Farmers Protest In English


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Speech On Farmers Protest In English

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In June 2020, three new ordinances related to agricultural reforms were introduced by the Government of India.

The purpose of these ordinances was to improve agricultural produce, their sales, their collections, agricultural marketing, and contract farming.

And in September 2020, both the Houses of Parliament and the President approved it and with this all three ordinances became Acts. After this, Farmer’s protest against these laws started in many states.

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The farmers argue that the central government buys their products directly on the MSP from the APMC Mandis. The government wants to create some trade zones outside APMC, this may weaken the mandi system. In such a situation that there may be a threat to the MSP due to the formation of new trade zones.

Due to no provision for the regulation of these Non-APMC Mandis in the new law. farmers may find it difficult to deal with traders. Farmers’ organizations say that there is no provision for “price fixation” in the bill related to contract farming.

According to the amendment of the Essential Commodities Act 1955, the central government will regulate cereals, pulses, potatoes, onions, etc. only in some exceptional circumstances. With this, the government will not be able to regulate the production, storage, operation, or distribution of agricultural commodities.

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Farmers‘ organizations say that getting the exemption to storage will only benefit the business class and it will also increase inflation, eventually, the common people will be exploited.

Farm Bill 2020 also has some benefits such as farmers will get a new option to sell products which will also give them a fair price, ending the monopoly of APMC Mandis, promoting the concept of “One Nation One Agricultural Market”, No tax or levy will be paid to farmers outside the Mandi.

According to the states, through these farms bill, the central government wants to interfere in the powers of the states, which is against federalism.

A large section of farmers is not familiar with the benefits of the new law due to a lack of awareness. Lack of trust of farmers on the government is also a major obstacle.

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The government can make necessary changes in the new law by discussing with all the farmer organizations and political parties. Ultimately, the government needs to take the necessary steps to protect farmers from exploitation due to traders.

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