Poem On Green and Clean Energy In English {Step by Step Guide}


Poem On Green and Clean Energy In English

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Poem On Green and Clean Energy In English

“Move towards green and clean energy,
Decorate the environment with lots of purity”.

“Conserve energy is my advice.
It is limited you have no choice”.

“Which misusing energy think twice,
either ready to pay for its price”.

“Adopt renewable and alternative energy sources,
save our earth from the poison of harmful gases”.

“Green energy it would appear,
Is the way to slow global warming here”.

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“And we have windmill providing power,
So that we can have light in the dark hour”.

“Using energy from, solar and wind is clean,
In Fact, it’s our favorite, way to be green”.

“Share our mission of using energy that’s 100% clean.
Get your friends and family to join the green team”.

“Do not pollute; Water and air,
Don’t throw garbage; here and there,

Do not cut trees; never and ever,
Search for a solution; stop pollution,

Say no to plastic; protest plastic,
plant more trees; everywhere,
Let us go green to get our globe green”.

“Harvest the wind, water, and sun for your vitality needs.

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Green means clean; clean means going green; Go green or we all will scream.

Go green or go home. Go green or I’ll shout. Go Green, encourage clean. Go green so there will be a tomorrow.

The sun is simply, one big battery for us. Switch on the sun. Let the sun work on behalf of you”.

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1 thought on “Poem On Green and Clean Energy In English {Step by Step Guide}”

  1. Our Country cries daily with incremental pollution
    Government of India decided to find its solution.
    2) Government wants growth and environment in synergy
    So, Solution to Pollution is Green and Clean Energy.
    3) Solar panel, Wind Mill and Bio gas plant are some scientific sources
    Industries and Households decided to convert it to useful resources.
    4) Green and Clean energies meet India’s carbon footprint target.
    Soon India will put benchmark, and tops the world market.
    5) More we use Green and Clean energies at par
    Government assured our country ‘India’ to take far.


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