Monster Summary | Monster by Walter Dean Myers Summary


Monster Summary | Monster by Walter Dean Myers Summary

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Monster Summary {Step by Step Guide}

This is a story about a boy named Steve Harmon who lives in New York and is on trial for murdering a local drugstore owner.
During the trial, Steve stays in jail where he fears for his life, and writes down the events of the trial as a screenplay.
Steve is represented by a lawyer named O’Brien, who explains that she’s trying to get the jury to see him as a human and not a monster, hoping to avoid the death penalty.
Steve is also on trial with James King, another boy who allegedly robbed the drugstore with Steve, and another man named Bobo.
As the trial continues, several witnesses are brought in to testify, including Bobo, some members of the community, and Steve’s film teacher. Steve is visited in jail by his parents who are worried about him.
Steve is eventually put on the stand and gives answers to O’Brien that distances himself from Bobo and James, claiming that he hadn’t spoken to either of the men and was not near the drugstore during the time of the robbery.
After the closing arguments are made, the jury deliberates their decision. James is found guilty and receives a sentence of 25 years to life, while Steve is found not guilty.
However, when Steve hugs O’Brien, she has no reaction. In the end, Steve lives with his mother and continues to make films of himself, wondering what caused O’Brien to not hug him back when he was found not guilty.
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