Essay On Youth as the future pillar of society


Essay On Youth as the future pillar of Society

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Essay On Youth as the future pillar of Society

The youth, generally regarded as people aged 15 to 24, are crucial in determining how society will develop in the future.

Youth, a critical group sometimes referred to as the “future pillar of society,” have the enormous potential to bring about positive change and advance societies, countries, and the entire planet.

The social, economic, political, and cultural landscape of society is greatly influenced by young people because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

The significance of young people as the future backbone of society will be discussed in this article, along with their potential, difficulties, and the responsibility of society in enabling and assisting them.

The kids are a powerful force for change because of their enormous potential, to start. Energy, excitement, originality, and passion are frequently traits that define young people.

They have a new perspective on urgent problems and can provide creative methods to solve them. The kids have a special capacity for critical thought, challenging the status quo, and imagining a better future. They act as catalysts for development and change due to their dynamism and risk-taking nature.

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Youth also represent a wealth of ability, know-how, and abilities that can be used to advance society.

They receive education, both official and informal, that gives them the skills they need to deal with the complexity of today’s society.

They are equipped with the technical know-how, digital literacy, and global awareness needed to progress technology, spur economic expansion, and revolutionize society.

In addition, young people have a variety of talents in the arts, sports, entrepreneurship, and other areas that can enhance society’s innovation and cultural diversity.

Second, there are several obstacles that young people must overcome in order to reach their full potential. The social, economic, and political hurdles that many young people face restrict their prospects and impede their development.

Among these difficulties are poverty, a lack of educational opportunities, unemployment, discrimination, violence, mental health problems, and a lack of full involvement in decision-making processes.

Additionally, prejudices and unfavorable attitudes in society frequently affect youth, which can be detrimental to their development and contributions.

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Due to these difficulties, they may not be able to reach their full potential as the future pillars of society.

Thirdly, society has a crucial role to play in empowering and assisting young people. In order to foster an atmosphere that supports young empowerment, societal institutions such as the government, educational institutions, civil society, families, and communities are essential.

It is crucial for society to support young people’s growth by giving them access to opportunities for work, training, and quality education.

Government policies should put a priority on fostering an environment that is welcoming and encouraging, encourages youth involvement in decision-making processes, and upholds their rights.

Organizations in civil society can act as venues for empowering young people and developing their leadership skills.

Families and communities may help young people by supporting, mentoring, and guiding them while fostering their abilities and aspirations.

In addition, society should encourage favorable attitudes towards the young while appreciating and respecting their efforts.

It’s critical to dispel misconceptions and preconceptions about young people and provide them with chances to participate meaningfully in society’s challenges.

A safe and welcoming atmosphere that supports young people’s mental health and well-being should be provided by society.

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To guarantee that nobody is left behind and that all young people have equal chances, it is imperative to empower youth from marginalized populations, especially girls, minorities, and those with disabilities.

In summary, young people are the backbone of society in the future and have a huge potential to influence positive change and advance societies around the world.

They have the power to spark innovation, creativity, and societal change. The youth, however, also encounter a variety of obstacles that can prevent them from developing and growing.

In order to empower and support young people, society must offer them access to education, job opportunities, involvement in decision-making processes, and a supportive atmosphere that values and appreciates their efforts.

The government, educational institutions, civil society, families, and communities can work together to accomplish this.

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