Essay On Vaccines Work for All In 500+ Words {Step by Step Guide}


Essay On Vaccines Work for All In 500+ Words {Step by Step Guide}

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Essay On Vaccines Work for All In 500+ Words

Every year, India observes National Vaccination Day on 16th March. The government of India celebrates the day to convey the significance of vaccination to the people of the country.

Moreover, It was in 1995, the first dose of an oral vaccine against polio was given in India and since then the country has been observing pulse polio programs Titled ‘Do Bond Zindagi ki’.

The initiative to eradicate polio from the country came in the form of the Pulse Polio Campaign launched by the government. Under this extensive drive, 2 drops of Oral Polio Vaccine were given to all children younger than 5 years of age.
The last reported case of polio in India was in West Bengal in January 2011. In 2014, India was declared polio-free. Over the years, immunization has proved to be the most vital tool in controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases.
This Universal Immunization program has freed India from deadly diseases like smallpox, polio besides eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus

The main aim of celebrating national vaccination day is to make everyone aware of arming against polio and to eradicate the disease completely from the world.

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Importance of the Day:-

Every year on March 16, national vaccination day, the government comes up with numerous health-related schemes, vaccination is also given to people free of cost and there are various special programs organized from schools to hospitals.

National Immunization theme 2022:-

Each year, national immunization day adopts a theme to highlight. this year the theme promoted is “vaccines work for all“. Every citizen is aware of the ongoing situation where the entire world is fighting against an outbreak of a pandemic.

Every day thousands of people are dying in the country because of covid-19, and in this situation, the importance of vaccination has increased a lot.

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Indian government provides a lot of vaccinations for different diseases and young children. however, with covid-19 the drill of vaccination has grown even more.

In no time, the country will be making the national vaccination day, which we believe will significantly impact because almost everybody has understood the importance of getting vaccinated against a particular disease.

People might have come to know about the importance of vaccination in recent times; however, for several decades, vaccination has saved humans from diseases.

Even though the vaccination day is also known as Immunization day, there is a significant difference between the two that not many are aware of. Vaccination refers to the act of getting the vaccine, however, immunization means being immune against a particular disease by being vaccinated.

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The entire country is hustling right now, earlier people did not know about the importance of vaccines that they understand now. vaccination help in preventing diseases. vaccination is entirely safe and effective, and they help our body to fight against bacteria and germs.
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