Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization In 500+ Words Step by Step

Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization

Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization

Hello Firends, In this post “Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization In 500+ Words“, we will read about Pollution Due to Urbanization as an Essay in details with its all aspects.

Introduction (Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization)

Pollution due to Urbanization becomes increases day by day. Because in industrialised cities pollution is a major problems. it may be caused by the industries or by the excessive movement of vehicle.

Today we consider urbanization as a symbol of development, but due to urbanization, our environment suffers a lot of damage.

The Urbanisation words come from Latin “Urbs”,

which means “City”. The term urbanization means the Lifestyle that is common in a city becomes prevalent. This can happen in two different ways:

Through the growth of cities; called physical Urbanization and Through the change of behaviour of people living in rural areas; called  Functional urbanization.

Urbanization refers to the concept of a rural area becoming developed as factories, good roads, good school etc. are build there.

“Act seriously over all the solution to pollution.
Think about future generations and reduce pollution.”

Body (Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization)

According to the United Nations report, currently half of the world’s population is living in cities.

By the year 2050, half of the population of India will start living in cities and metro cities. then it’s obvious that increase in population will responsible for more Industrial Development in urban areas and as a result, pollution will increase, which level has been increasing over the years.

We achieved a big step when be urbanized our villages but it came with a price, we certainly have a luxurious and comfortable life in modern cities and towns, but due to this there is a big hole in the health of our environment.

This has brought with us many problems that we face. developing cities saw a boom and this urbanization brought with it a web of difficulties and we are getting entangled in them.

There are various pollution that are due to urbanization such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, Thermal Pollution, global warming, deforestation etc.

It is high time that we should adopt the means by which we can improve the health of the environment.

There are a number of solutions that we can implement and create a better tomorrow.

In the present scenario, pollution is becoming a serious challenge where breathing in air is similar to poison.

Areas of the Delhi NCR occupy an average severe category in the air quality index. where even healthy person can become ill by breathing.


There are many types of Pollution due to Urbanization:-

  • Soil Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Air Pollution etc.

Soil Pollution:

Due to overpopulation, the amount of garbage, plastic, non-biodegrable dustbin etc, become increased and due to establishment of factories, the number of trees also decreased which is the main cause of soil erosion.

Water Pollution

Due to excessive use of water specially in urban areas by people as well as factories are also responsible for water pollution. Because we do not have enough resources to stop the bad water from getting into the river. So, Bad water mixed with the river makes it even dirty, so that the creatures living in the water have to face difficulties.

Noise Pollution

Due to continuously moving people from rural areas to urban areas, there are so much noise pollution by overpopulation, vehicle, industries, etc.

Air Pollution

Due to increase the population in urban areas the number of vehicles, industries etc, also increases. So, the quality of air decreased continuosly. Hence, air pollution becomes increases day by day.


Conclusion (Essay On Pollution Due To Urbanization)

Pollution levels began to rise when humans started establishing cities and industrialization took place.

The harsh reality of urbanization is that many beautiful valleys, mountains, hill stations and forests become polluted due to increasing in human activity.

Overall, Systematical urbanization is good for developing countries, by this we can able to reduce “pollution due to urbanization”.

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