Essay On Lockdown In English In 1000+ Words


Essay On Lockdown In English In 1000+ Words

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Essay On Lockdown In English In 1000+ Words

Problems are common, but attitude makes differences

Lockdown is an emergency protocol executed by the government. it is a situation in which people cannot enter or exit in a specific area.

lockdown is basically implemented by the people having special authority. for, example, a government in-country can force lockdown during emergency circumstances. 

All other services are barred except for emergency services. people may be allowed to go out of the house in the case of urgent work and emergency situations.

Lockdown is a preventive action plan to ensure the safety of peoples and the system during an epidemic or disaster.

Only very essential activities of people are allowed to do during the lockdown. all other non-essential activities are not allowed to do during the lockdown.

Many incidents are happening during the lockdown such as- Public Transport Service is not allowed, In which buses, cars, taxi, auto-rickshaws, e-rickshaws all these services are closed.

During this time, All schools, colleges, hardware shops, electrical shops, libraries, book shops, garment shops weekly markets, factories workshops, offices, warehouses, etc.. remain closed.

Many shops, as well as services, will remain open during a lockdown such as- milk, vegetable, medicine, and ration shops will remain open during the lockdown.

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Banks, insurance offices, Internet, telecom, and postal service, Petrol Pumps, CNG, LPG, PNG will also be continued.

Fire departments, electricity departments, Water Boards, Health Workers will continue to work.
The police and Security department will also continue to work.

Media workers will also be allowed to visit during lockdown time.

The work of lifting the garbage from home by the municipal corporation will continue.

During, the lockdown, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow all the rules and instructions made by the government so that, the country can quickly overcome the situation like an emergency or epidemic. And finally, our country can progress again.

If we did not follow all instructions, then the risk of the situation might increase rapidly, then there could be a loss of human beings.

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The COVID-19 has forced many nations to implemented lockdown as there is no drug or vaccine for this disease. people are allowed to go out of the house only for the grocery, medical consultation, or some emergency situation.

Any functions like birthday parties or marriage functions are not allowed during the lockdown.

Many poor people are finding it difficult to earn their daily bread because of a lack of employment. the positive impact of this lockdown is also seen as the form of clean air, pollution less environment.

Greenhouse gas is also be decreased due to the less emission of Carbon-di-oxide from motors, vehicles, factories, and other many sources. So, finally, our earth’s temperature is also decreased. or we can say global warming is also decreased due to lockdown.

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 There are different types of lockdowns. A few of these are preventive lockdown and the other is an emergency lockdown.

In a preventive lockdown, people are not allowed to leave certain places and different precautionary steps are taken for the safety of people. the same lockdown is implemented now in the world due to coronavirus.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. We can relate it to lockdown because of many benefits are can be seen due to lockdown such as-

Enjoying extra family time, Nature is reviving itself (clean air, water, and other things), Its time for personal development, and self-awareness.

The Effects of lockdown are also beneficial for Wildlife. because they get a proper environment for their survival and healthy life.

Wild animals and every life are very important for human survival and the planet’s survival. we must value our health much more. value your family, friends, and society break from routine work and time to learn new skills.

Although the lockdown is implemented to protect covid-19, prolonged lockdown will have many side effects in society.
many people will lose their jobs because of lockdown.

This will have a negative impact on the countries economy. many businesses will also suffer huge losses because of it.

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Even though agricultural activities are not halted during the lockdown, many farmers have suffered losses because there is no good market available for fruits, flowers, etc.

People do want to purchase agricultural products but the lockdown has become a barrier.

Some lost their lives while traveling or during the migration from their working place to their home. the lockdown has put a negative impact on almost all sectors. it is said that an increase in poverty may lead to an increase in crimes like robbery and theft.
Small children are not able to step out of their houses. they need a good amount of physical activity every day for good health. but lockdown is stopping them from playing outdoors. they are not even able to go to schools.

People are not able to socialize because parties and functions can’t be organized during the lockdown. this can lead to stress. all these things are causing, stress amongst people.

Conclusion (Essay On Lockdown)

The only cure to all this is a cure to the coronavirus disease. let’s hope that the drug or vaccine for covid-19 get’s developed soon.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Be Happy.

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