Essay On Journey By Train In 500+ Words


Essay On Journey By Train In 500+ Words

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Essay On Journey By Train In 500+ Words

During my last summer vacation, I received an invitation from my friend Saurabh Dubey. He invited me to attend his sister’s wedding ceremony in Delhi. Therefore, I chose Trian Journey to go to Delhi.

It was a thrilling experience for me to travel so long independently. My parents also agreed to send me. My elder brother reserved my seat in Delhi Express on the day of 25 May.

I reached the station with my brother. I was very worried to see a huge crowd on the railway platform because I had never traveled in such a crowd before.

Passengers were hurrying along with their luggage from one corner to another. There were also some porters who were helping the passengers to reach their luggage. The children were crying, even the hawkers were shouting loudly to sell their articles.

Meanwhile, the train arrives and people rush to the doors to enter. This view was very unique in itself.

It was very difficult for me to find my way inside. So I had to stay on stage for a while.

After five minutes I got a chance to step into the compartment in which my seat was reserved. This seat was, thankfully, near the window. So I put my bag in there and sighed relief for a long time.

After stopping for 10 minutes, the train started running loudly with horns. At first, it began to move slowly, and then it gained momentum.

However, this was not a new experience for me yet. I enjoyed the views from the window. Everything looked as if the village, green area, trees, and everything were going in the opposite direction.

It was a lovely scene with Green Fields and a small cottage. I noticed that many people were busy with their regular work, and they were unaware of the passing of the train.

The train did not stop in small railway stations. Whenever the big station trains used to come, the speed of the train works slowly and in the end, it stops on the platform. Where a huge crowd is already waiting for the train.

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At each station, some passengers landed below, while some passengers boarded the train.

Some railway officials were busy with their work. After a few hours, a ticket checker arrives in our compartment to check the passenger’s tickets. He checks everyone’s ticket with an acquittal. During this time he caught 5 people who were traveling without tickets.

Three of them paid the stipulated amount with fear, while two were handed over to the Railway Police for necessary action. Finally, the train reached Nizamuddin station in Delhi and stopped there.

Since I had no luggage, I took my bag and quickly got off the train, and started going outside the platform.

And after some time I finally met my friend. My friend was already waiting for me outside the station in a car. In the end, we rode in the car. In this way, my journey ended peacefully.


Essays On Journey By Train In 450+ Words

Children usually like to go out. Therefore, they are often very fond of traveling. He loves all kinds of trips.

I have often traveled by bus to many different places with my parents. However, last Sunday’s trip proved to be a memorable trip for me.

To make this holiday a thrill, my father planned a train trip, which was heartening news for me as I had never traveled by train before.

I and my whole family reached the railway station on Sunday morning because the time of the train was 7 o’clock in the morning.

As soon as we reached the platform, the train also came at the same time. All the passengers started speeding towards the train. We also went to a train compartment and sat comfortably.

We had a first-class ticket. So we had no difficulty in boarding the train. I found a seat near the window. Soon, the train started. I was thrilled, I saw the platforms moving backward which was quite amazing in itself.

At first, the train was slow but soon within minutes, it caught wind speed.

At the same time, I looked out of the window where our farmer brothers were working in the fields even under very sunlight. I am very sad to see this. Some women were also removing weeds from the fields.

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It seemed as the train was passing through the forest at times, sometimes from the middle of the mountains and sometimes through the tunnel. I was very happy to see all this.

The holy river the Ganga flows through under the roads and a huge bridge was built over it, through which the train was passing. It looked like the train was flying over the river.

At the same time, I noticed that the river Ganga is passing through its bad times because its water had become very dirty and there was a stock of garbage all around it. However, its cleaning work was also going on, which made me proud of my government.

It was an express train. Therefore, it did not stop at smaller stations and sometimes even at larger stations. When the train stopped, some people bought food and drink from vendors on the platform.

Some vendors were also from the department’s side. I also bought a cup of tea and a samosa. At this time a ticket examiner came and checked our tickets. The train reached Kerala early in the evening.

There was also a lot of noise from the crowd on the platforms. I came out of the platforms with my father and got out of the platforms.

And finally, our ticket was checked again at the station gate again, after which we came out. This is how my train journey ends, which was a memorable trip for me.


Essays On Journey By Train In 300+ Words

Essay On Journey By Train In 500+ Words
Essay On Journey By Train In 500+ Words

Trian travel is always pleasant for everyone. It is a journey by train, it is more comfortable and enjoyable for all.

Traveling by plane is expensive, traveling by bus is risky and inconvenient.

But the traveling by train is pleasant, safe, and comfortable. I enjoy traveling a lot.

It was the middle of June when our school was closed. I received a letter from one of my uncles who lives in Lucknow. Invited me to attend his daughter’s wedding ceremony. I asked my parents for permission and they accepted my offer with pleasure.

Therefore, I planned to travel by train from Gorakhpur to Lucknow. My mother prepared some food for my trip. I came to Gorakhpur railway station to get a ticket.

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The station was very crowded. I bought a mail train ticket. The train was at 4 pm in the evening.

When I boarded the train and got my seat. The guard whistled in time and waved his flag. The train then proceeded slowly. And in no time its speed increased.

I thoroughly enjoyed this time of my journey. When the train was running between the Green Fields, it seemed that the farm and the barn and the forest were going back.

Farmers working in the field, and women from the village carried the pot. Seeing all this, the sun setting with all its glory, I was delighted to bout.

The beauty of the moonlight shook me at night so much that I sometimes lost myself.

When the train announced its arrival at Lucknow Junction, by then my cousin’s aunt told me about the time of my arrival. Accordingly, they came to the station to receive me. Thus, my train journey came to an end and my heart was filled with joy.


Essay On Journey By Train In 150+ Words

During my last summer vacation, I had a pleasant journey by train. When and where does the journey begin. It was summer vacation. I and my elder brother were to start from Lucknow to Delhi station.

We went to the station 15 minutes ago. Meanwhile, the bell rang. The train left with the whistle of the guards.

This time, it was a full moon night. I was peeping through the window of the train. The snow-white beauty of the tranquil nature outside enchanted my eyes.

The train was running through the green fields. It was a mail train and did not stop at all stations.

There are many stations as well as junctions where it is stopped during the journey.

When I saw outside in the morning, I can clearly feel that we are passing through hilly areas.

And soon I reached Delhi Junction. And my journey was over with happiness.

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