Essay On Electric Vehicles In India | Electric Vehicles Essay In English


Essay On Electric Vehicles In India | Electric Vehicles Essay In English

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An electric vehicle is a vehicle that contains electric engines and requires a battery and electricity it is very significant because it doesn’t need non-renewable sources of energy electricity can be generated through solar, hydro, biomass, thermal, wind, etc.

With the increasing rate of pollution and global warming, it becomes inevitable to switch on conventional sources of energy. our dependence on oil has continuously exploited the mother earth. now, it is time to change our addiction to oil.

Oil is a major cause of pollution as it emits harmful gases which are toxic to the environment flora and fauna. By using non-conventional sources of energy like electricity in our vehicle we can prevent the emission of harmful gases in the environment.

According to experts, India will need 1 crore electric vehicle by 2030. there is a need to develop infrastructure regarding charging stations, services stations, etc. As we know electric vehicles are cost-efficient too.

They only require a plug-in charger and Electric Supply to charge them. use more electric vehicles can reduce the dependency on other countries for fuel which will directly boost our economy.

There is no need to change engine oil in an electric vehicle which also helps to provide a better future for our progeny and sustainable development of our country. A robust boost in a push in greener mobility required.


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Advantages Of Electric Vehicles

Essay On Electric Vehicles In India
Essay On Electric Vehicles In India
  • No Gas Required and No Pollution

During the fuel-based vehicles, we are spent lots of money on petrol or diesel but with electric vehicles, these costs can be avoided.

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In a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle, power is produced by burning the fuel inside the engine and due to this process, many harmful gases are releases such as carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

On the other hand, electric vehicles are entirely powered by electric battery and this simply converts the electric energy to rotate the wheels. so, they produce zero levels of pollutants.

  • Smooth and Noiseless Driving

In petrol or diesel vehicle, dozens of rotating parts are present inside the engine. In order to produce power, they have to constantly move and heating each other.

This makes lots of sound and vibration. an electric vehicle does not have lots of moving part. the only moving part is the electric motor for a spin the wheel. which produce a noiseless and vibration-free driving experience.

  • Huge Torque Available

One of the drawbacks of a petrol or diesel engine is it can only provide peak torque at a specific RPM. as the engine starts the torque produce by its starts from a very low value go up to its peak label and decrease again as the RPM Increases.

This Engine Also Have Output Lost, Due to Dozen of Intermediate Parts Used to Transmit the Torque From Engine to the Wheel.

In the case of an Electric Vehicle, They Produce Maximum Torque From a standstill position. It Only Decreases on the High RPM. Due to the Phenomenon of EMF,  the electric vehicle only has a few intermediate parts between the wheels and motors. hence they produce high torque with negligible output lost.

  • Low Maintenance and Money-Saving

Electric vehicles run on electric motors hence there is no need to lubricate the engine.  owning an electric vehicle is much more effective than owning petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. in India, fuel is costlier than electricity. so, these are the advantages of an electric vehicle.

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Disadvantages of Electric Vehicle

  • Short Driving Range and Long Recharge Time

The electric vehicle is limited by range and speed. if you are planning to go on long-distance travel in your electric vehicle, maybe you have a lot of problems in your journey. most electric vehicle or car have ranged from 400-450km and it also reduces if AC  is on.

In the case of petrol or diesel vehicle, we don’t have to worry a lot of fuels stations are presented all over India. Range in an electric vehicle is not only the issue, electric vehicle takes at least 6-10 hr to fully charged the battery from 0%. so, charging time make the condition worst.

  • Charging Stations Are not present in all cities

In India charging stations are not presents everywhere. if you want to go on a long drive through electric vehicles, then, in case you have to think twice.

Indian governments decide to invest more in an electric vehicle, we will soon see the electric charging station just like petrol pump in our city. until this facility is not available, we can charge our electric vehicle in the home only.

  • Electric vehicles are not total emission-free

In India, 58% of the total electricity is produced by thermal powerplants where coal is burnt to create electrical energy. and another cleaner form of energy is created by solar, hydroelectricity, wind turbines, biomass, etc.

In such a condition, the increase of electric vehicles requires more production of electrical energy which directly leads to an increasing the amount of coal to be burn.

  • Experience

Electric vehicles are more expensive as compared to petrol or diesel vehicle. an electric vehicle with almost the same features as petrol can be two times more expensive. as the battery unit, if needed to replace can cause lots of money. so these are of the disadvantages of the electric vehicle.


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