Empathy Essay | Essay On Empathy For Students {Step by Step Guide}

Empathy Essay | Essay On Empathy For Students {Step by Step Guide}

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Empathy Essay | Essay On Empathy For Students {Step by Step Guide}

“Your grief path is yours alone, and no one else can walk it, and no one else can understand it” (Irwin)

People can believe they know the exact reason why someone is struggling and are often quick to recommend a solution. However, these preconceived ideas can be cold and lack the empathy that a desperate situation demands.

Such a situation arises in Robert Frost’s poem, “Home Burial,” where a couple is reeling from the loss of a child, each not understanding the other’s mode of grief Through the poem,

“Home Burial,” readers learn to empathize with the characters’ struggles, particularly the struggles of communication and recognizing that people grieve in different ways; this relates well to the career of a counselor.

In “Home Burial,” a couple’s child dies. The wife is very vocal about her grief, but rather than discussing this with her husband, she chooses to run to someone else for comfort.

She fails to see how her husband suffers quietly with the loss of their child. He was tasked with the responsibility of the burial, and his calmness in the matter angers her.

He pleads with her to tell him why she grieves in this way, she perceives his calmness as coldness and indifference, and this only further infuriates her. This lack of communication and understanding stresses their relationship and puts further stress on the current situation.

No one can truly understand another’s grief, not even one’s best friend or partner in life. When one tries to extract oneself from the situation rather than addressing issues upfront, anger, pain, and frustration will follow.

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Often, it is easy to dole our secondhand wisdom and platitudes instead of truly listening to the problem. It is far more beneficial to settle down in the uncomfortableness of a situation and listen attentively to the issues at hand.

This is better than giving worn-out advice or pushing one’s own perception onto the other person or the issue. Keeping in mind the fact that no one can completely understand the full extent of an issue, empathy becomes an all-important quality.

As a counselor, empathy is one of the most vital characteristics. One must first accept that not everything can be understood fully.

By listening attentively to the issues at hand and by offering solace and advice, will result in being professionally and personally successful as a counselor. Through the poem, “Home Burial” I have learned that people experience life differently and form different coping habits.

All too often, married couples do not prioritize communication and a rift can grow wide and deep between them when confronted with life’s challenges.
Home is the center for the affections, and when a couple is in turmoil over issues, this spills over into other aspects of life such as their children’s lives, their work, and their family.
This ripple effect further goes on to affect our country and our mental health as a nation. The poem “Home Burial” displays the struggles of communication between a married couple, and in so doing. shows the reader the importance of empathy and of realizing that people struggle in different ways; this need for empathy relates well to the career of a counselor.
The story of the husband and wife in “Home Burial” shows that people, even those married, can still struggle with understanding each other’s coping methods and can even have trouble with accepting those methods.
As this is the case, it is important to approach all aspects of life with an understanding heart and so shoulda counselor when helping clients better understand themselves and their loved ones.


Empathy Essay | Essay On Empathy For Students {Advance Level}

Empathy Essay
Empathy Essay

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place.

Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being suffering. Nothing. Not career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly status. We have to feel for one another if we are going to survive with dignity.”- Audrey Hepburn

Why Empathy is the soul of Humanity?

  • Yuval Noah Harari in his book Homo sapiens has stated that it was the ability to cooperate with each other which allowed homo sapiens to survive and flourish while other human species perished (due to lack of their ability to cooperate).
  • To cooperate effectively with each other requires empathy or the ability to feel each other’s pain. After the Kalinga war, Ashoka became empathetic. He replaced his policy of Bherighosa (sound of war drums) with Dhammaghosa (sound of peace), i.e., conquest through dhamma instead of through war.
  • Gandhi was empathetic for Indians, hence went on to abdicate all his comforts to fight for independence. Empathy promotes social capital. Imagine a society that does not understand the feelings of each other.
  • Governance: Civil services: Empathy is a virtue. The 2nd ARC has called Civil servants to have empathy for the weaker section.
    Empathy redefines our relationship with the environment.
  • Inclusive and sustainable growth.
  • Technology: Empathy can democratize technology. Ideas excite me, empathy grounds and center me”- Satya Nadela.
  • Makes people emotionally intelligent.
  • Healthy work culture.
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What humanity will be in absence of Empathy?

  • Humans will not remain humane. Examples of dictators such as Hitler and Saddam Hussain can be given.
  • Lack of trust in government: Colonial rule.
  • Corruption, Criminalization of polities, etc.
  • Communal riots.
  • Corporate frauds.
  • Environmental degradation.
  • Higher-income inequality, Economic output will suffer as the relationship between employer and the employee will turn sour in absence of empathy.

There are many other values such as kindness, courage, honesty, etc. then why empathy dominates all to become the soul of humanity? In other words, why other values cannot be said to be the soul of humanity.

  • Here establish that all other values can be derived from the value of empathy.
  • Empathy leads to compassion. Highlight the difference between empathy and compassion.
  • Other values such as Kindness, courage, honesty requires empathy to be fructified.
  • Empathy helps in the cultivation of Gratitude, the value of forgiveness.
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Are we witnessing the decline of Empathy in the present society?

  • Increase in social media abuse, trolling.
  • Acts such as the criminalization of politics Hate speeches have increased.
  • Acceptance of corruption.
  • Good Samaritan examples can be given, people are making videos of victims instead of helping them.

Empathy Essay: Conclusion; What can be done to inculcate empathy among people and reiterate the fact that Empathy is the soul of humanity?

  • Value Education.
  • Role of family, media, school, religious organization.
  • Corporates/ Governments can appreciate people who are helping others. Redefining work culture in organizations to inculcate empathy.
  • Reiterate that Empathy is the soul of Humanity.

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