Anchoring Script For Annual Day Functions


Anchoring Script For Annual Day Functions

Hello Friends, In this post ”Anchoring Script For Annual Day”, we will see a step-by-step procedure for anchoring or we can say anchoring script for an annual day function. you can use this anchoring script on any other function.

We will read two formats of anchoring, you can choose anyone which is better according to your conditions. So…

Let’s Start…

Anchoring Script For Annual Day Functions

Anchoring Script: Format 1st

Honorable dignitaries and most valued parents, the broad sun Is sinking down in tranquillity, and the glittering stars on the late evening dark blue sky announce the arrival of a great evening.

And I Rekha extend a warm and cordial welcome to all of you on the evening of great promise.

To develop the abilities of every individual, to attract their creativity, to foster a spirit of autonomy, and to develop a feeling of responsibility to society has been the aim of Indianconstitutions.com (Your Institution Name).

And keeping this in our mind we are going to present another Annual Day showcasing the talent of around 700 children of classes 3 to 12 in this program Trang (Program Name).

So get ready to delve deeper into the fathoms of music and dance. I am sure all those sitting over here will surely have great fun and experience.

The colorful action dances of our tiny tots dazzle you, the perfect moves of our classical dancers will enthrall you with the thoughts provoking skits of our seniors will tickle you, and the Masti of contemporary dances will enliven your mood.

So get ready to experience the splendor of Tarang…

It’s our proud privilege to have our guest of honor, the man who is known to bring innovative changes in teaching techniques, a true educationist, the very learned Dr. Prem Bhatnagar, along with him, we have our Honourable chairman, a man who always dream big, act big, and believe in big Honourable S.R Dwivedi.

And this program will be presided over by the eminent writer of modern times Shree Manohar Bairagi. So, plz welcome all our dignitaries with a huge round of applause.

Ladies and gentlemen all of you agree that true prayer is a spiritual transaction between heaven and earth. So I request all of you to rise up for a prayer song.

Prayer is aligning ourselves with the purpose of God. after the prayer, I request our Principal to give an introduction to our guest of honor.

So we are really fortunate to have such eminent guests amongst us on this great evening. Now I request our Honourable Director and Principle to give a floral welcome and present a Momento.

Thank you so much, sir

Goddess Saraswati is an embodiment of wisdom, knowledge, and learning.
Lets, seek her blessings in all spheres of life. so plz welcome the student of our music band group who is going to present a Saraswati Vandana.

This melodious song has filled the whole atmosphere with positive energy.

And I believe that you will also believe in the power of prayer. our Institution has witnessed a lot of changes in the last two years and the credit for this goes to our illustrious Director Shree S.R Dwivedi. I request him to present a welcome speech.

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Anchoring Script for Welcome Speech On Annual Day

Very good evening to one and all together here. on this auspicious occasion, I would like to welcome you all to the republic day celebration.

”star-shine at night,
some star-shine at bright daylight”.

It’s our pleasure to welcome one such star (name) honorable chief guest of today’s function. The essence of great leadership is influence and not authority.

With this note, I would like to welcome the respected head of the department/principal (name) to this function. we celebrate your leadership and you keep on influencing us. we welcome you, sir.

” he who puts his soul and heart in uplifting others attains dignity”.

yes, I welcome all the dignitaries on and off the stage.

we welcome you, sir.

Last but not least, I sincerely welcome all my student friends, you are strong and smart.

Once again, I welcome everyone to the Annual day function.
Thank you, Jai Hind.

To accomplish great things we should not only believes but act not only plan but executive. So what are the accomplishments of our Institution?

In this session to know this I quite our Principal Dr. Aruna Sharma to present the Annual report.

Thank you

We acknowledge the contributions of our dedicated staff for all these achievements.

Small daily improvements bring revolutionary results and we look to learned people to suggest improvements. So may I Invite our chief guest to enlighten us with his ideas.

It is rightly said Good intentions die unless they are executed. So we promise you to execute all the wonderful ideas Suggested by you.
Thank you so much sir for giving such imaginary ideas.

You are absolute right that the greatest gift we can give to our children is roots of responsibility and wings of independence.

Now ladies and gentlemen the moment has arrived that you have been waiting for long. So get ready to experience unimaginable fun joy and thrill.

So with spring in my steps and anticipation in my heart. I invite the comparers of this program Aditi and Varun on stage.

Thank you, Aditi and Varun

Now, we will invite (name) for a vote of thanks.


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Anchoring Script for Vote Of Thanks on Annual Day

Good morning to everyone present here…

It is great honor and privilege to stand before you to extend words of gratitude on this special occasion.
If appreciation is in our souls, then our eyes will be tremendously sweet.

let me first of all thanks to almighty, the creator from the bottom, of my heart for making today’s occasion a most
successful event. for this, we are so beatified and thankful to god.

I extend a very heart left vote of thanks to a distinguished personality, our chief guest (name)sir for giving this event
such grace.

Thank you sir for your prized time and worthwhile words.

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We extend a sincere thanks to our respected principal sir for stimulating the wishes and aspirations of the rising generations. your dedication and commitment to our school inspire us.

We appreciate your compassion and commitment to your profession. We are honored that we will always have you with us.

we feel immeasurable gratification in thanking our vice-principal (name) for providing support to us. he is so enthusiastic, and energetic and always actively takes interest in caring for and
supporting the students. thank you sir for refining our talents.

we are very thankful to all the respected teachers for their valuable guidance and contribution.
without their supervision and encouragement, we were not able to give our best. thankyou so much sir for your constant support.

Special gratitude to the non-teaching staff for their enormous cooperation in the event. undoubtedly your contribution to today’s event was unbelievable.

we are thankful to (name) for hosting the event. we appreciate his efforts and style of presentation.
we are grateful to the people who have supported the stage.

We are profoundly grateful to parents who are cooperative and compassionate.

your constant support always helps us to conduct such major events.
no doubt that you help us in every step of our life.

finally, we thank the shining stars of (school name) for their wonderful performances.

you are the crown of today’s program.

you performed your respective duties with complete responsibility.

I thank everyone for putting effort into planning to the success of the program.

thanks, everyone for your presence and for making this event a memorable one.

Anchoring Script For Annual Day Function- Format 2nd

< Anchor 1 > a good evening to all, today we all have gathered to celebrate the achievement of our school.

< Anchor 1 > and my cum host < Anchor 2 > all of you are welcomed by the depth of heart from our school family. we have truly been blessed by your presence.

< Anchor 2 >


Har, ko Jeet ki Ek dua mil gyi, Tapan ke Mausam Mein Thandi Hwa mil gyi.

Aap Aaye Shrimanji ye Lga, Jaise Takleef ko Kuch Dwa mil gyi.

Today is a great day for all of us because our honorable Education Minister of our state Mr. Dinesh Sharma is present here as a chief guest of this program.

I request you all to welcome with the echo of applause. our education minister has done immense praise for the field of education. your work is so great in basic education.
The presence of such a celebrity is glorious and respectable for our school. I also welcome the guest who came with the minister.

I welcome the manager of our school Mr. B.N. Singh and the school principal Mrs. Urmila Sharma as well as I also thank the invited guardians and other guests from the depths of my heart because you have taken some time out of your priceless time.

< Anchor 1 >

I would like to call honorable chief guest Shri Dinesh Sharma, school manager Sri BN Singh, and school principal Mrs. Urmila Sharma to come on the stage and finish the lamp ignition program.

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< Anchor 2 >

With this lamp’s ignition, I pray to God to touch new heights of our school’s success and the students here go a long way in their lives and illuminate the name of this school.

let’s hope that in the light of education erase differences in the world, injustice, and violence and take us on the right path.

< Anchor 1 >

Now our cultural program begins here. it is necessary to get the blessings of God in any program to achieve this grace we are going to present Ganesh Vandana like class 12th girls.
please welcome with tremendous applause for this classical dance.

< Anchor 2 >


Mat Soch Ki Tera Sapna Kyon Pura Nhi Hota, Himmat Walon ka Irada Kabhi Adhura Nahin Hota

Jis Insaan Ke Karam Acche Hote Hain, Uske Jeevan Mein Kabhi Andhera Nahin Hota.

I would like to call a dance group from our school which is a group of 10 members of class 7 girls and class 8th girls who will show dance skills in western and Indian forms.

please welcome to the stage with great applause.

< Anchor 1 >


Umeedon Ki Kasti Ko Duboya Nhi Karte, Manzil Dur ho to Thak Kar Roya Nhi Karte.

Rakhte Hain Jo Umeed Kuch Kr Jane Ki, Wo Log Zindagi Mein Kuch Khoya Nahin Kartein.

I would like to talk today about one such king of our country’s history who did not give up the truth in the difficult and difficult circumstances of life.

The story of a king who brought great changes in the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Yes, yes I am talking about Raja Harishchandra a play based on their life is going to appear, so please keep calm and see this play.

< Anchor 2 >


Bina Sangharsh Ke koi Mahan Nhi Hota, Bina Kuch Kiye Jay Jay Kar Nahin Hota

Jab Tak Nahi Padati Hathaude Ki Chot, Tab Tk koi Patthear Bhi logo Ke Liye Bhagwan Nahin Hota.

Now, I would like to call the honorable chief guest sir he come to the stage and presents his thoughts on the occasion of today’s program.

< Anchor 1 >

Yoga is shining like a Kohinoor in the whole world. today yoga is contributing billions of dollars to the US Economy.

Americans have learned the importance of yoga. it is necessary great applause for two people to make yoga to reach this level.

first our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi and second baba Ramdev. and some important yoga practice is going to show on the stage . so please welcome the boys of class for yoga practice.

< Anchor 2 >

I would like to invite the principal of our school Mrs. Urmila Sharma stage to present the Annual Report School.

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