American Dream Essay | Essay About American Dream In 500+ Words


American Dream Essay | Essay About American Dream In 500+ Words

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The American Dream Essay | Essay About The American Dream

What is the American dream?

Basically, the main meaning of the American dream is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what kind of family you grew up in, what schools you went to, or how much money your parents have, what matters is that if you work hard you can achieve the success.

You can become anything a rich business person, a politician, or some other leader. the only thing you need is lots of hard work and when you’ve achieved your goals nobody will want to know what your background is.

It’s up to you if you’re successful in life and it’s your own fault if you aren’t. You may have seen sentences as you can make it or from rags to riches or from dishwasher to millionaire okay but where do all these thoughts come from.

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It goes back to the earliest immigrants or settlers to this land. One of the most important groups where the Protestants and it is their philosophy that if people work hard and are successful in life God is happy.

According to their ethic, every person is responsible for their own lives. we shouldn’t rely on anybody else to do our work for us and it was really this that so many people all over the world found so great that if they came to America and tried hard they could find a better life.

Main American Values

Let me tell you a bit more about the basic American values, as they are closely connected to the American Dream topic. The values that shape the American lives have their origin in the settler’s past. namely:

It is the Freedom of the Individual which in history mainly referred to their religious freedom. today it also stands for freedom of speech and freedom to live our lives without discrimination.

Self-reliance and also Self-discipline and Self-sufficiency are very similar. they all tell us that everybody should take care of themselves and not rely on other people and these four values together with hard work go back to the American Dream.

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If you follow this you will succeed in your job and life. Everything I’ve told you until now is the basic understanding of the American Dream but of course, the word itself dream tells you quite openly that it is what it is a dream only.


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The American Dream: Myth vs Reality

The American Dream is both a myth and reality think about it, If everybody could really achieve success by working hard it would be great and success in many cases means money but that is not the way things are.

Sure for some people, the American dream came true for example, a man called Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Europe in Austria and emigrated to the US.

He was good at fitness and bodybuilding but after some time he became an actor and a famous celebrity, later on, he became a politician.

There are more stories like him for example some celebrities were born in very poor families but managed to become famous anyway.

For these people, the American Dream in its real material meaning came true but apart from these lucky ones there are millions of people who have not been successful in the world of work and success.

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The American Dream: Criticism

Many people have criticized the whole American Dream theory because it is untrue and makes people believe things that are not likely and so gives them and realistic hopes of life.

In the USA many people are poor especially people belonging to the African-American groups and Hispanics. a lot of people live in ghettos in big cities where there is a lot of crime and bad education and job opportunities.

Great historical figures among these Martin Luther King or Malcolm X spoke about this and try to make people aware of the fact that the American Dream is not shared fairly or equally among all people.

But that certain groups are discriminated against and so have little chance of succeeding at anything but it’s not only the minority groups that suffer the most.

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