Obesity Essay | Causes Of Obesity Essay | Childhood Obesity Essay


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Obesity Essay | Causes Of Obesity Essay | Childhood Obesity Essay

Hello Friend, In this post “Obesity Essay | Causes Of Obesity Essay | Childhood Obesity Essay“, We will read about obesity with its all aspects as an essay. So…

Let’s Start…

Obesity Essay | Essay On Obesity In English

Obesity is the accumulation and storage of body fat in excess of that required by a normal individual of the same age, frame size, sex, and height, If this sounds too text-bookish, an obese person is someone we often refer to as a “bit too fat” or ‘much too fat‘.

As someone has nicely put it, this is a ‘wider’ group among the teenagers now, Experts attribute the growing obesity to nutritional imbalance and the main villain in the piece is sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

High-fat fast food also contributes to obesity. Whether one looks good or bad with those additional deposits of fat is only a minor side of the issue. It is the risk factor that obesity carries with it that alarms the medical fraternity. Obesity is the cause of many diseases.

The causes of obesity are multi-faceted. This essay will argue that while physical education is positive, a comprehensive approach is necessary. In most schools, there are physical education programs. These programs are often run alongside minimal dietary education.

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As such, it is common for children to feel that physical education activities are capable of burning the calories they eat. However, child obesity is bordering on epidemic proportions.

This means that children are already eating excessive amounts of calories. Simply raising the amount of sport they do is highly unlikely to solve the issue as it is far easier to consume than it is to burn. In fact, there is a dearth of dietary education in our society.

There are five major factors that influence what a child eats, socio-economic, family, education, exposure to advertising, and a child’s will-power. If we focus simply on physical education, we would be missing these crucial elements. It is far more effective to create a holistic approach that aims to education in our society.

Changing diet is an extremely hard thing to do as children are exposed to advertising hundreds of times per day. Further, they have access to junk food at home, school, and in-between, so by educating children and parents as to the importance of diet and increasing physical activity, the child will have the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight.

Conclusion (Obesity Essay In English)

So we must fight against it as we do against a disease. Changes in diet and regular exercise will do a lot of good. As the saying goes: A sound mind dwells in a sound body.

In sum, a holistic approach is the best way to tackle obesity as it addresses the two crucial factors which cause it.

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Short Essay On Obesity Among Students | Childhood Obesity Essay

Primarily, children have become physically inactive than before. They spend most of their leisure time at home watching television, texting, and playing games on a computer or mobile phone rather than participating in sports or any other physical

Since such screen time activities require little energy, children’s unburnt calories accumulated as fat, making them lethargic and overweight. Moreover, easy access to un-nutritious food Is another reason behind the increasing problem. Fast food, vending machine snacks, and sweetened beverages are easily available everywhere at low prices even in school

Due to its delicious taste, children tempt to this high-calorie food and start consuming it on daily basis. This habit spills their digestive system; as a consequence, they become a victim of obesity.

However, Obesity among children is not an intractable problem. One simplest way to tackle the issue is that parents can refrain children from using electronic gadgets and encourage them to play sports such as football, hockey.

Playing such physically demanding games not only does burn their extra calories but also alleviates their craving for junk food as these activities involve whole-body movement.

What is more, the government can introduce health management subjects in the school curriculum in which children can be taught about the benefits of making healthy food choices and the implications of unhealthy food.

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By knowing the facts, they are more likely to pay much attention to their health and drop bad eating habits. In these ways, the problem of overweighing among children can be resolved.

Conclusion | Childhood Obesity Essay Conclusion

physical inactiveness and easy availability of unhealthy food are major contributors to obesity among children;
The problem can be attenuated by motivating children on sports and educating them about the detrimental effects of bad food choices on health.

10 Lines On Obesity Essay

  1. Obesity is a health condition in which the body fat reaches an abnormal level.
  2. Obesity can be a generic problem or disorder that is caused due to unhealthy lifestyle habits of a person.
  3. People consume food whatever they like without concern about nutritional value.
  4. Nowadays, junk food is becoming popular among children and adults.
  5. This food contains bad cholesterol and leads to problems like heart attack, obesity, or any other disease.
  6. It is because junk food lacks nutrients.
  7. Obesity is also caused by a lack of physical activity.
  8. People are so busy in their life that they do not get enough time for exercising.
  9. Sometimes, even when they are free they prefer relaxing instead of exercising.
  10. In conclusion, obesity disease should be more concerned and awarded by everyone as it is increasing among kids and adults nowadays.


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