New Education Policy 2020

13+ Interesting Facts on New Education Policy 2020

New Education Policy 2020

New Education Policy 2020 is in the Manifesto of government during the elections of 2014. to grow our country we have required to modify the education system.

National Higher Education Bill 2020 accepted by the cabinet now it will be in Parliament for acceptance.

It aims to bring transformational reform in schools and higher education systems across the country.

In 1986 Education Policy was applied by Rajeev Gandhi now, after 34 years of it was the biggest change.

At first, a committee was formed under the head of T.SR Subramaniyam(Ex Cabinet Sec) in 2016 to give recommendations on new education policies with 5 members but, at last, it was not accepted.

At last, In June 2017 Another committee was formed under the head of Dr. K Kasturirangan, points are to be presented to the government on 31 May 2019 which was accepted by Cabinet on 29th July 2020.

Key points 

  • MHRD is now known as Ministry of Education
  • It replaced the 10+2 education system into 5+3+3+4
  • First, 5 year- From(PNC, NC, KG,1st, and 2nd) are known as Foundation stage & study with games
  • Next 3 years (3rd to 5th) study, Basic of Maths-Science, Humanities, etc.
  • Next 3 years (6th to 8th) Skill development is most important, Such as coding app development, etc.
  • The next 4 years (9th to 12th) focus on the analytical approach and goal development depending upon the strength of students, the most interesting thing is that students can choose any subject depending on their interest.

After 12th (multiple entry or exit)

  • Multiple Entry or Exit system with credit transfer
  • If you complete one year- Certificate
  • If you complete 2 year- Diploma
  • 3 year- Degree
  • 4 year- Degree with research certificate
  • At each stage, your Academic Credits will be stored(Academic Bank of Credit to be used in the job)

Facts about New Education Policy 2020- All you need to know

  • Private and Govt colleges will have same syllabus and rules (Every state has the same education system) and for this national research foundation will be established
  • The compulsion of English is removed and now regional languages will be used to teach students up to class 5th (3 languages)
  • Learn coding from class 6 for students with internships.
  • Semester system exam from class 6th to 9th.
  • The overall development of students (360 Degree); focus on mental development and report card will have all those comprehensive details
  • Aptitude test providing and marks of those will also be added, (for entrance exams in colleges).
  • Ethics education will be provided from staring to students.
  • Open distance learning and online education will be promoted.

 NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020 IN DETAILS (changes for teacher)

NCERT to develop National Curricular for Early Childhood Care and Education (NCPFECCE) for children up to 8 years old.

In order to give importance to Foundation Literacy and Numeracy, National Mission on Foundation Literacy and Numeracy will be established.

A National Assessment as a Standard-Setting body
Center, PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of knowledge for holistic development) to be established.

The policy discussed the establishment of the Gender Inclusion Fund and Special Education Zone for non-profit sectors and groups.

Multidisciplinary Education and Research Universities (MERUs) will be established.

India’s Higher Education Commission will be the apex body for overall higher education, except Medical, and Legal Education

National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) will be formed in view of digital learning

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