Lord Of The Flies Chapter 4 Summary {Step by Step Guide}


Lord Of The Flies Chapter 4 Summary {Step by Step Guide}

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Lord of the Flies Summary of Chapter 4 | Painted Faces and Long Hair Summary

Three of the littluns (Henry, Percival, and Johnny) are playing with sandcastles. Henry is a distant relative of the little boy with the birthmark who was probably killed in the fire because he has never been seen again

The littluns have decorated the sandcastles with rocks and shells and have made train tracks and other markings around them. They still cry at night, but mornings are good.

The afternoon brings mirages and fear of the coming night, but the littluns don’t cry for their mothers as much as they used to.

Roger and Maurice finish their signal fire duty and, on their way to the water for a swim, destroy the littluns’ sandcastles. Both of the older boys laugh.

Percival begins to cry because he now has sand in his eyes. Maurice feels uncomfortable because he knows he has behaved badly, and he leaves. Johnny behaves like the older boys and throws sand. Percival cries again.

Henry plays for a while longer. Then he goes to explore some sand tide pools. He likes watching the water fill up his footprints, and he likes seeing smalls transparent animals in the tide pools. He doesn’t see Roger watching him.

Roger had enjoyed destroying the littluns’ sandcastles. Now falling coconuts from the palm tree he has hidden behind gives him an idea. He starts throwing small rocks towards Henry.

He is still a little civilized, so he doesn’t hit Henry. He just keeps throwing stones near the six-year-old little.

Henry had looked up to see which friend was teasing him by throwing stones, but Roger kept hiding. Henry got bored and left. Suddenly, Roger is surprised to hear Jack’s voice nearby, calling him.

Roger is embarrassed because he thinks Jack has seen him being mean, but Jack has not. Jack is with Bill, Sam, and Eric. Jack wants to show Roger something.

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Jack is excited because he thinks he has figured out a way to kill pigs. He thinks the pigs have been seeing him. Now he shows Roger red clay and white clay that he has carried in two big leaves.

He also has a charcoal stick that he has brought down from the fire. Jack plans to camouflage himself.

Jack is unhappy with the results of his face painting the first time, but he is very happy the second time. He uses water in a coconut shell as a mirror and sees his red and white face that he has slashed across with the charcoal stick.

While Jack is preparing to hunt, Ralph is resting at the swimming area with Maurice, Piggy, and Simon. The littluns are not in sight. They live very separate lives away from the older boys.

Piggy is telling Ralph that they should make a sundial to tell time, but Ralph thinks it’s a stupid idea – like trying to make a TV. Piggy tries to explain how easy it is to make a sundial, but Ralph ignores him.

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Note: The author says, “He [Piggy] was the only boy on the island whose hair never seemed to grow.” Piggy is not becoming wild like the other boys.

Suddenly Ralph shouts out and tells the other boys to look. Ralph sees smoke from a passing ship! Ralph tells the boys that someone on the ship will see the boys’ signal fire that Jack’s hunters have been maintaining, but Piggy looks up the mountain and sees no smoke!

He tells Ralph, and all the boys look at the mountain top. There is no smoke! Ralph immediately begins to run-up to the signal fire location on the mountain top. Simon, Maurice, and Piggy follow.

Ralph yells back to Maurice that they will need Piggy’s glasses to start a new fire if the old one has gone completely out. Ralph sees the smoke from the ship disappearing.

Should he keep running to the mountain top or go back for Piggy’s glasses? Piggy is moving too slowly to get to the mountain top in time.

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Ralph cries out to God, but the fire is out. Ralph yells for the ship to come back, but the ship is gone. They will not be rescued.

Simon, who is crying, and Maurice arrive. Ralph tells them that the boys who had been assigned to signal fire duty have let the fire go out. Piggy arrives, and Ralph spots the hunters down by the water.

The hunters come up to the mountain top. The twins, Sam and Eric, are carrying a dead pig. They are singing, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”

Jack is happy, proud, and excited. He starts bragging about how he and his hunters had killed the pig. Jack had slit the pig’s throat. He is in the middle of a sentence when Ralph interrupts, “You let the fire go out.”

Jack says that they can light the fire again and continues bragging. Ralph says again, “You let the fire go out.” Jack says he had needed the twins to get the pig. The fire had only been out for an hour or two. Simon looks scared.

Ralph points to the empty sea and tells Jack that there had been a ship. Piggy yells at Jack, saying that Jack was only interested in blood. Ralph pushes Piggyback.

He says Jack has failed to support the chosen leader. There should have been shelters first, then hunting.

Piggy yells at Jack again, saying that Jack should not have let the fire go out. Some hunters start to agree with Piggy, and Jack gets mad.

Ralph steps forward, but Jack hits Piggy in the head. Piggy’s glasses fly off, and one lens breaks. Simon picks up piggy’s glasses and returns them to him.

Piggy is very upset. now he can see with only one eye. jack makes fun of him, and the others start laughing. Ralphs laughs, too, but he tells Jack that the attack on piggy was mean.

Jack apologizes to Ralph – not for hitting Piggy, but for letting the fire go out. The hunters admire Jack for apologizing, but Ralph does not accept the apology. He just tells Jack to light the fire.

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Ralph stands in front of the old fire, forcing Jack and his hunters to build a new fire in a different place. Jack cannot light the fire. Ralph gets Piggy’s glasses and lights the fire.

The author says “a link between him [Ralph] and Jack had been snapped and fastened elsewhere.” Now Ralph is working with Piggy, not Jack.

The hunter put pig meat on sticks and cook it. Ralph decides to eat some. No one gives meat to Piggy, and Piggy asks why not. Jack says that Piggy did not hunt.

Piggy says Ralph and Simon had not hunted either. Simon gives Piggy his meat. Jack curses at Simon but gives him some meat.

Maurice pretends to be the pig. The hunters dance around him, pretending to beat him, and sing, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.” Ralph watches them enviously.

When they stop singing. he says that he is calling a meeting and everyone should go down to the shelter’s area.

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