Letter to your brother advising him to study well

Letter to your brother advising him to study well

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Letter to your brother advising him to study well

Sender’s Address: Lucknow
Date: 23|02|22

My Dear Brother, 

I hope this letter will find you in the best of your mood & as well as health. I am writing to you to remind you to grid up your loins for the coming examination. In the previous half-yearly exams, you had not performed so well. So I am reminding you well in advance not to repeat the same mistake.

Overconfidence sometimes leads to failure. So, I would suggest you make a timetable to keep a close tab on your study time. If there is any subject that you need special care to take, I would advise you to take coaching from an expert teacher, however, there is no substitute for self-studies and hard work.

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I believe if you put in hard work, you can get first-class results. Give warm regards to our mother, father, and all other family members. With lots of love.

Your Lovely Brother

A Letter to Younger Brother Advising Him to Take Interest in His Studies

Sender’s Address: Basti
Date: 23|02|22

My Dear Brother (Your Brother’s Name)

I hope this letter will find you in the best of your health. I am sorry to tell you that it hurts me to hear from your class teacher that you did not do well in the terminal tests and as a result, you have failed in English and Maths subjects. You should be ashamed of it.

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You know I always showed good results in the same school. All teachers know that you are my brother. they expect good results from you also. I have also come to know that you are often absent from class and have joined a bad company. But you must keep in mind that our father works very hard to educate us properly.

I am shocked to learn all this. I, therefore, warn you to mend your ways. Work hard and win the admiration of parents and your teachers. you should devote time to your studies and make up for your deficiency. I hope next time you will show good results.

Yours Affectionately

A letter to younger brother advising him to work hard

Sender’s Address: Banglore
Date: ___________

My Dear _________(Your Brother Name),

I received your progress report from your teacher. The result of your pre-board examination is really disappointing. you have got very low marks in all the subjects. In English, you have got only 33 which is far below our expectations. Your progress is very poor. I am shocked to know this.

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I advise you to mend your ways and pay full attention to your studies. It is never too late to mend. I hope that you will not disappoint me. pay my regards to our parents too.

Your Lovely Brother

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