Legalization Of the Metaverse And Brand Content

Legalization Of the Metaverse And Brand Content

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Legalization Of the Metaverse And Brand Content

During the last year, the subject of the Metaverse has been everywhere, which makes evident the need to make known exactly what it is and what the legal implications of this technology’s application would have worldwide. You can trade crypto, stablecoins, bitcoins, and other coins on the most trusted platform.

Possibly if this scenario had occurred some 70 years ago, it would be crazy since it would not have adapted to the reality of the moment, which is why people at this time have been adapting to what the digital age offers. 

Why is it time to launch the Metaverse?

With technological advances, many paradigms have been broken concerning its influence in society, business, learning, and communication at various levels, personal or business.

Evolution has allowed us to be up to date today with a large number of elements that seemed impossible and that were only projected in movies; the truth is that many of the aspects that were launched in this environment merge with real life, leading to a level digitized where virtual and augmented reality are not so far-fetched.

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During the last few years, we have witnessed how the appearance of the Metaverse has served as a platform for emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and 5G, among many others, to offer Internet users a new space virtual.

The number of worlds that converge in the Metaverses is infinite, which will undoubtedly bring significant challenges for creators; consequently, users demand services and products that maintain an optimal level of quality, taking the terms of governance, economy, purpose, and purpose of the users to another level.

Many terms must be considered in the creation of the Metaverse that will be executed in about ten years, where the main thing will be to achieve seamless interoperability between virtual worlds and everything that these entail, from digital identity to asset rights and ownership.

The Metaverse will bring with it the proposal for the monetization of assets, as well as products and services that will increase user experiences about data storage and management as long as they drive organizations and individuals to new spaces for interaction.

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Some legal implications

The approaches from which the impact of the use of the Metaverse has been analyzed as a technological tool that would promote the Internet and technological platforms allow us to consider the possible risks at a legal level, in which it is essential to prepare legal professionals regarding the participation and development of these virtual spaces.

The main element to consider while implementing the Metaverse is regulating the various virtual worlds and the ecosystem, allowing sustainable and safe growth.

The development of various situations that could generate controversy and problems in the legal field are many, which is why legal operations in terms of NFTs, digital identity, data protection, user information, DAOs, artificial intelligence, and intellectual property.

Metaverse Legal Guide and Brand Content

Due to the large number of doubts that have arisen with the creation of the Metaverse and the possible brands that will be handled within this virtual reality environment, the law firm Écija and BCMA Spain have created the first guide with the various issues at the legal level that could clarify various relevant aspects.

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The evolution of law is inevitable when the technology offered by the Metaverse is installed; there will be infinite elements to evaluate, and various legal schemes that protect users and organizations that immerse themselves there will have to be implemented.

Among the topics considered in this legal information instrument are the responsibilities of contracting said technology and the guarantee and obligations that the Metaverse brings with it, without leaving aside the possible payment for subscriptions, the right of admission to the virtual spaces, and brands created.


Until now, the Metaverse could be defined as a set of environments or digital worlds where blockchain technology and virtual and augmented reality merge, linking with other emerging technologies, which will allow the creation of virtual spaces where simulation is part of them.

It is the evolution of the Internet to Web 3.0 since users are accustomed to two-dimensional experiences or what designers would express as a flat experience where clicks are the ones that interact.

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