Essay On Russia Ukraine Conflict | Essay On Russia Ukraine War


Essay On Russia Ukraine Conflict | Essay On Russia Ukraine War

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“No outcome of the war is, more valuable than the lives that are at stake”.

Essay On Russia Ukraine Conflict | Essay On Russia Ukraine War

Conflict Occurs when disagreements arise between individuals, groups, communities, and countries. Disagreements lead to conflicts, conflicts, and conflicts. it is a condition in which people have to go through physical, mental, emotional, political, etc.

They form their beliefs based on their values, culture, experience, and gender. War hysteria is transitional, not a single spark is raised, thousands of winds are ready to ignite it.

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Even when there is a war between only two words, the whole world is divided into two sides to support one side.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also done a lot of damage, and it is developing day by day. this dispute has now increased the risk of war between superpowers.

This conflict started in 2014, mainly involving Russia and Pro-Russian forces on one side and Ukraine on the other. The war centered on the situation in Crimea and parts of the Donbas, which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine.

Cause of Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine

Ever since Ukraine split from the soviet union, both Russia and the west have vied for greater influence in the country in order to keep the balance of power in the region in their favor.

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Ukraine is an important buffer zone between Russia and the west. The unique geography of the black sea’s origin provides Russia with many geopolitical. There are many reasons for the dispute between Russia and Ukraine but the biggest one is considered to be NATO. It was started in 1999.

Initially, it had 12 members, but now their numbers have increased to 30, Ukraine also wants to join NATO. But Russia does not like it. Because NATO has a policy that if a country involves in war from any other countries then every NATO members country is fought from with this country. it means everyone will answer it together.

Russia believes if Ukraine joins NATO, its troops will camp on the Russia-Ukraine border. Impact of Russia-Ukraine crisis, the Russian invasion pressurized India to choose between the western alliance and Russia.

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The Russian invasion put pressure on India to choose between the western alliance and Russia. maintaining strong relations with Russia serves India’s national interest.

India will have to maintain a strong strategic alliance with Russia. Whatever may be the cause of war, the result is always the same, known in the thousands, it pushes the nations back for years.

They have to struggle for development again. it is necessary for the politics of the world to access them. if they try to resolve mutual disputes through dialogue, then how much hysteria can be saved from happening.

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