Essay On Only One Earth In English In 500+ Words


Essay On Only One Earth In English In 500+ Words

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Essay On Only One Earth In English In 500+ Words


We are that generation that can make peace with nature, Since 1974… World Environment Day is the most remarkable day for environmental action.

The environment is the most precious gift from God to humans on this planet. World environment day is the biggest international day for the environment.

It is celebrated across the world on the 5th of June every year. The purpose to celebrate this day is to raise awareness among people to protect the environment.

World environment day was first started in 1974 with the theme – “Only one earth’. World environment day comes annually with a new theme which is assigned by the UN (United Nation).

The theme of world environment day 2022 is Only One Earth & Sweden is the host of this year’s world environment day.

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Under the theme “only one earth” World Environment day 2022 will be observed highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature.

This day provides us an opportunity to take responsible steps to preserve and enhance the environment.

For a healthy environment, we should say no to plastic. To save the environment- We should use Reusable items. We should separate and Recycle the different types of organic & inorganic waste.

To save the environment- We should save electricity and use more and more renewable sources of energy. Fires are a major cause of forest degradation & have wide-ranging adverse ecological, economic, and social impacts.

Marine pollution is a growing problem in today’s world. This pollution results in damage to the environment & to the health of all organisms.

Conservation of wildlife is very important to maintain a healthy natural ecosystem and to make future generations more prosperous and wealthy.

Water is our life, All living things need water to survive on the earth. Each living being on earth knows the importance of earth in our lives.

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Without earth, we cannot imagine our life. have you ever thought that how we would walk if there is no earth, there will be no water to drink, there will not be animals living here and of course, no cultivation, so no food to eat.

This means to say that the life of humans as well as other living beings, cannot be imagined without earth. in other words, we can say.

“The earth gives us everything, we too should learn to give something, the sun gives us light, the air gives new life, to eradicate hunger, we all have agriculture on the earth.”

Today humans became very selfish today. Earth is a beautiful place to live, with the most favorable environmental conditions for a living being.

But we humans are making it vulnerable and are destroying our own homes with activities that are causing pollution at an increased rate.

This year 2022 theme of world environment day is “only one earth“. this year 2022 is a historic program (UNEP) and global environmental community.

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OR we can say that “Only One Earth”, is the theme of world environment Day 2022 focuses on living sustainably in harmony with nature through transformative changes in our policies and choices towards cleaner and greener lifestyles.

Each year, World Environment Day is hosted by a different country in which official celebrations take place. The host country for 2022 is Sweden.

World Environment Day is a global platform for inspiring positive change. With over 150 countries participating, this UN international day engages governments, businesses, civil society, schools, celebrities, cities, and communities, raising awareness and celebrating environmental action.

“In the universe are billions of galaxies in our galaxy are billions of planets but there is only one earth.” Read More

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