Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In English

Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy

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One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy Essay Writing

Energy is a valuable resource, which can be used to give energy to various industries. In a world where manufacturing plays an important role in the country, energy provides the ability for a system to function, without energy no industry can function.

Green energy is a well-known energy source in many countries such as the United States, China, Germany, and Spain, etc.

Green energy comes from a natural source such as sunlight, wind & geothermal heat. The earliest use of green Energy dates back to 2000 BC when coal mining was used by the Chinese. they would burn the coal as a source of heat and cooking.

Green energy is the energy that can be used in a big way without damaging the environment. it is environmentally friendly and empowers various systems while releasing little or no toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Green energy can also be defined as renewable energy that can be used for generation.

Green energy is considered Clean Energy due to the lack of negative impact on the environment. it is one of the alternative energy sources that has received special attention from the government and various National Organisation to keep the planet clean.

Green energy is also sometimes referred to as energy derived from the processing of waste materials in an effort to make the environment cleaner.

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Such material pollutes and the environment by increasing the amount of waste and toxic substances on the surface of the earth.

Example of waste material used for energy production includes sewage, animal waste, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, etc.

Most of these waste materials are used to make biogas as green energy. By processing waste material and using them to provide energy and environment is made cleaner.

The need to move to green energy sources has attracted the attention of many world leaders. Green energy is an ideal way to reduce the effect of global warming and create a clean and healthy environment.

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Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In 700+ Words

Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In 700+ Words
Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In 700+ Words

As we all know that earth is polluting day by day by us only.  We should take care of our mother earth. To save our mother earth we should use renewable resources instead of non-renewable ones.

Non-renewable resources cause pollution instead of this we can use solar energy etc.  Which will not harm our environment. And let us live on pollution-free earth.

We should use cycle instead of the car, bikes, etc. To stop acid rain and air pollution also. People are choosing Solar energy to save the environment and it is a better option.

Not only solar energy there are many other renewable resources that can reduce the impact of pollution and harmful effects. We can also use tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, wind energy, hydro energy, etc. They are easy to use.

It also reduces the effects of greenhouse gases in our environment which are released from fossil fuels etc. It also reduces some types of air pollution.
Some advantages of renewable energy such as Maintenance requirements are low, saves money, Storage capabilities, etc.

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Biomass has the biggest contribution with 50%, followed by hydroelectricity at 26% and wind power at 18%. Renewables are not a project for the future or an experiment they are already a reality and production from them, and their range will steadily increase.

And because the sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

The IRENA report found that solar and onshore wind is the cheapest energy sources. That’s why we should use green and clean energy to save our environment.

We should avoid burning fossil fuels because it harm’s our environment and we should promote renewable energy. Clean and green energy means renewable energy and it is the best alternative of some non-renewable sources.

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We can use some devices like solar power cookers, solar-powered lights, and other devices that will help us to take solar energy from the sun.

It will also help to save electricity and gas which can be used in the future. And our future generation will also be able to some non-renewable resources.

Non-renewable resources can be used by us but only in less quantity so that they will not affect the environment. We all will contribute some intention towards the environment and switch on to renewable sources or clean and green energy, by this we can save our environment as soon as possible.

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Our world would become pollution-free when all will give the contribution to using renewable energy. using renewable energy has many benefits. It will make our life easier. And provide next-generation also resources.

We all should take one step towards clean and green energy. For our benefit only. To live in are pollution-free environment. And environment which is favorable to us.

We should promise ourselves that we will never pollute our environment and use renewable energy.

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The energy that does not harm our environment is known as clean and green energy. And this type of energy is obtained from renewables sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, etc.

The energy which is environment friendly, as well as renewables, is known as green energy. there are so many benefits of green energy such as:
Environment Friendly
Renewable sources of energy
A huge amount of availability etc.

Renewable energy is also called green energy due to its availability as well as environmentally friendly.

we can make green energy via windmills, wind turbines, solar farms, biomass, etc., and for the small level, we can install a small solar panel on our roof to make green energy and we can also use it for our housework.

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