Essay On ISRO In English For SSC CGL In 500+ Words | ISRO Essay »
Essay On ISRO In English

Essay On ISRO In English For SSC CGL In 500+ Words | ISRO Essay

Essay On ISRO In English For SSC CGL In 500+ Words | ISRO Essay

Hello Friends, In this post “Essay On ISRO In English For SSC CGL In 500+ Words | ISRO Essay “. We will read about ISRO with its History, Achievement, and Vision as an Essay in detail.

Note:- this “Essay on ISRO In English” is based on the summary of the whole ISRO journey in 500+ Words… It’s helpful for all students.

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India has now become a superpower in the field of space, the journey started by bicycle has now reached Mars, even the journey was not easy. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was established in 1969 by the government of India.

When the country became Independent in 1947, we had many challenges, at that time in the field of space science, we were far behind. Neither we had the basic facilities nor the economic conditions were such that we could achieve any stage in this direction at a rapid pace.

The aim of ISRO is to develop and enhance space technology and expand its applications for the benefit of the nation.

Aryabhata, the first satellite made in the country, was launched on 19 April 1975 with the help of Russia, Rohini was the first satellite launched by India. this mission established the foundation that has made India a space superpower today.


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Body (Essay on ISRO In English)

ISRO has worked on various missions to provide space-based services like weather forecasting, communication broadcasting, etc. to the nation. they also developed technology for their indigenous development.

To accomplish the objective, it was necessary to develop a fully self-reliant, effective, and reliable system that could place satellites in orbit.

Satellite launch vehicles and Augmented satellite launch vehicles were developed by ISRO in the early stages of development of the launch system but did not prove to be as effective.

In such a situation, the third generation launch vehicle PSLV emerged as a reliable carrier. Due to reliability and low cost, it became the most preferred carrier for launching satellites for all different countries.

Therefore, it is also called the work-horse of ISRO. It has launched satellites for important missions such as Chandrayaan-I, Mars Orbiter Mission, and Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, etc.

On 15 February 2017, ISRO created history by successfully launching 104 satellites on a single rocket from the spaceport in Sriharikota. This spectacular achievement established India as the preferred country to facilitate the launch of satellites in the space market.

PSLV is a four-stage rocket, in which solid fuel is used in the first and third stages and liquid fuel in the second and fourth stages.

Despite its major achievements, PSLV has its limitations, in fact, it can install satellites up to 1750 kg in Low Earth Arbit (Polar Earth). And can place 1425 kg satellites in sub-geo-synchronous transfer orbit.

But it is unable to place satellites heavier than 2 tonnes in Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and Geosynchronous Arbit.

Because of this, India had to depend on foreign launch vehicles for the launch of heavy satellites. In which the cost was high, in order to become self-reliant in the launch of heavy satellites and space missions, ISRO developed a three-stage geosynchronous launch vehicle. Under this, ISRO developed GSLV Mark-II, the largest launch vehicle developed by India, which is currently in operation.


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The GSLV Mark II was developed to place up to 2.5 tonnes of Indian National Satellite system-class communications satellites in geosynchronous transfer orbit.

ISRO also has another ambitious project called Reusable launch vehicle. Its purpose is to bring the launch vehicle back to Earth after installing satellites in space so that it can be used again and again.

ISRO’s intention behind this is that the cost of space launch should be reduced and it can also be used in humanitarian missions. Apart from these launch vehicles, ISRO is also developing the Air Breeding Propulsion System “Scramjet Engine”.

It uses hydrogen as fuel and oxygen from the atmosphere as an oxidizer. With its successful testing by ISRO in August 2016, India became the fourth country to test flight of “Scramjet Engine”. This mission will prove to be a milestone for ISRO’s future space transport system.

The first objective of any country’s space agency is to contribute to the development of the nation through space technology.

In such a situation, when we look at the various space programs of ISRO in the last few decades, it shows that they were all focused on national imperatives, under which the emphasis is on the economic and social welfare of the society.

These space programs focus on the Management of resources such as Earth Observation, Forest Mapping, Water Bodies Mapping, Weather Forecasting, Disaster Management, Agricultural Water and Fisheries, etc. Apart from these, services like telemedicine, Tele-education are being provided at the rural level through satellite.


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Conclusion (Essay on ISRO In English)

ISRO is on par with leading space research organizations in the world, including NASA of the United States, CNSA, and the European Space Agency, ESA.

The dedicated and diligent scientists are giving a new direction to ISRO. and ISRO will soon become a leading space organization in the world with the most efficient and economical services.

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