Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Environment In 700+ Words

Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Environment

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Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Environment

An environment is a form of the natural world that surrounds us. A good environment is a prerequisite for the survival of life. before the start of the COVID-19, there were visible signs that it is getting degraded.

The air around us had been denied very toxic to breathe in due to the greenhouse gases. the earth faced global warming which in turn lead to the melting of glaciers and rising sea level.

Earth also faced environmental degradation, depletion of natural resources, depletion of the ozone layer, and pollution.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many countries had adopted lockdown procedures that stopped people from moving out of their homes. and slight improvements in the environment have been seen.

Apart from that animals have been spotted moving about freely where once they could not dare to go. plant growth is good because there are cleaner air and water because yet again no human interference.

The air has become so clear that the hills of the Himalayas have started to be seen 180 kilometers away from (Jalandhar) in Punjab.

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The air has cleared, the water has cleared and the pollution level has come down.

Nitrogen-di-oxide is a toxic gas used by automobile engines, buses,
By truck, leaves from the factory.

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(World Health Organization) WHO says if this gas( Nitrogen-di-oxide) exceeds 200 micrograms cubic meter in concentration,  then, it can cause inflammation in your breathing pipe in a very big way.

Which can cause problems like asthma and Now this Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) is one of the most harmful forms of air pollution.

It included in the group Carcinogen and it is so small that it can travel from your lungs into your bloodstreams which will not only cause respiratory problems but also heart attack and can also cause deaths.

WHO estimates that more than 4 million people are killed across the world due to (PM 2.5), the disease caused such as- heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, chronic, etc.

Now, due to lockdown, (PM 2.5) levels are also decreased worldwide. it is the main reason why, these days, you can view the clear blue sky across the country.

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Not only the air, but the water in our rivers is also becoming clearer.

Delhi Jal Board Vice-Chairman (Raghav Chadha) says that the stoppage of industrial waste has caused a positive on the water quality of the Yamuna river.

Dr. P.K Mishra, an IIT professor in BHU states, says that a 40-50% improvement has been seen in the water quality of the Ganga.

If the government constructs sewage treatment plains in the right manner and makes strong regulations for the companies and industries to treat their waste themselves, and if it’s necessary to follow this regulation then this can happen and our rivers can appear this way every time.

Carbon-di-oxide is responsible for climate change. if you look at the data of where the worldwide carbon dioxide emissions are emitted from, then you will find that the transportation sector has a huge contribution to it.

There has been a decline in everything during the lockdown. A lesser number of cars, motors, as well as vehicles, are plying. So, the emissions of carbon-di-oxide are also decreased.

Experts predict that this is the biggest decline in carbon dioxide emission after the 2nd world war approximately 5%.

When the economy crashes, then it is good news for the environment or we can say the environment is universally proportional to the economy.

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This is happening because our economy is extremely interlinked with fossil fuels, coal, petroleum, oil, and all other non-renewable forms of energy are the primary sources of energy that run the transportation sector, manufacturing industry, responsible for the generation of electricity across the world.

This is the reason why, when the transport industry screeches to a halt, then the carbon emissions are going down.

When the demand for electricity falls worldwide, then the carbon emissions down, and finally, this is the reason when lockdowns are retracted and the world becomes “normal” again.

Then at this time carbon emissions and population are going to go back up again.


There has been a positive impact on the environment due to the lockdown. there is fear that once people start troubling again all the positive impacts will disappear.

It’s time to acknowledge and understand the importance of protecting the environment and work in that direction.

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