Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Education In 500+ Words »
Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Education In 500+ Words

Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Education In 500+ Words

Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Education

Hello My Friends, Jai Hind, In this post, we will read about “Essay On Impact Of Covid-19 On Education” in detail with its all factor.

Your degree is just a piece of paper. In your actions, your education is seen.Β 

Β Education is a basic necessity in human life. The real meaning of education is learning which awakens the conscience of human beings.

Now education is completely changing from the original meaning or we can say that education is connected to earn money. Morality has no connection with education.

Education swing from professionalism. Everything is going well but suddenly it stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parks, Restaurant, Hotels shut down. Buses, trains, airplanes taxi all closed.

Many governments take an initiative to partial or complete lockdown across their country. by this step, everything becomes stopped, So, the education system was also shut down.

In an effort to unfairly spread the COVID 19 pandemic, most governments across the world have temporarily closed education institutions. Man has locked in the walls of the houses.

Many examinations were postponed and rescheduled. because the pandemic has significantly disrupted the education system.
Schools and Colleges which it was prohibited to keep mobiles. Now started schools and colleges through mobile and the internet.
The whole world shrunk between mobile and internet zoom apps and google classroom started studying. Now at this time, self-learning is the easiest way to access education safely.


Children started studying in front of mobile and laptops for many hours or children were given admission in the next year.

Many students buy courses, attend online classes as well as read blogs for learning.Β 

In such a process only aΒ  private school could adopt an online teaching method on the other hand most of the govt schools completely shut down for not having access to e-learning solutions.

So, most of the government school students missed the opportunity of learning.

During this period Indian Government takes an initiative to reforms the education system by New Education Policy 2020. With this policy, many changes are implemented in our education system

It is good for all students, now students can choose their subject according to their choice and many more things are to be added which make students friendly to the Indian education system.

The globalization of education and the use of technology are also included in this policy.

If you are a student’s then you must know about New Education Policy 2020, which helps a lot to a deep understanding of our education system as well as new education policy 2020.Β 

The best part of the COVID-19 pandemic is that for the first time in all these years all family members together.

Education is most important to the examination. Education is morality to the given home which cannot we have given in any real or virtual classroom at the time of crisis.

A well-rounded and effective educational practice is also needed it will develop skills that will drive their productivity health well-being and ensure the overall progress of India.

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