Essay On Diversity In America | Diversity In America Essay {Step by Step}


Essay On Diversity In America | Diversity In America Essay {Step by Step}

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Essay On Diversity In America | Diversity In America Essay

What is Diversity?

Diversity is a cultural and social form of understanding the role of tradition and the centrality of personal desires. Diversity describes the diversity of processes and ideas, of people and ideas, of cultures and practices. At least, diversity implies that people and societies are diverse.

Diversity means that people are aware of different possibilities, values, and ways of life. Diversity is also one aspect of the fact that society is pluralistic. Whatever we do, whatever we say, wherever we go, we will always represent our culture.

Diversity is not only about the diversity of values but also of cultural and social values. Diversity means freedom, Freedom is a cherished value among all societies and communities.

Freedom and dignity are intertwined, inseparable, and form one and the same moral responsibility of the public and the individuals.

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In reality, freedom and dignity cannot co-exist. They are interrelated. If one of them is lacking in a given situation, then freedom, dignity, and justice become conditional.


Diversity In America

America, in the past, present, and future the United States has gotten increasingly diverse over the past 50 years. In 1965 the U.S. the population was 84% white, 11% black, 4% Latics, and 1% Asia.

In 2015, the U.S. population was 62 percent white, 18 percent Latinas, 12 percent black, six percent Asian, and 2 percent other races, and about 14% of the population was born in another country.

Culture can include all the things that makeup and define a society for example ideas, values, religions, and artifacts such as clothes, movies, books, electronics art, and music.

The culture of a society can depend on their religious morals values and ethnic and family backgrounds. Over time diversity of ethnicities have grown in the United States

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The populations of all minority groups have grown since the year 2000. the Latino population is now the largest minority group comprising 16 percent of the total population.

Whites consist of sixty-four percent of the population blacks make up 12% of the population Asians make up 5% of the population and all other ethnicities make up 3% of the population.

Survivors are to have a wide range of people with a variety of unique qualities. an ethnically diverse society leads to a culturally diverse society.

Different populations hold different norms or established standards of behavior maintained by society. different populations also will different cultural values or the conception of what they find and be good or bad.

America is almost comprised of every part of the world.

African Americans were first brought by for civil colonies in 1619, Chinese immigrants came in the mid 19th century to construct railroads, Mexicans lived on land that was annexed by the United States in 1848.

The United States has almost always been multicultural but why does diversity matter with the United States.

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Being a country composed of people from so many backgrounds being knowledgeable and aware of them can bring communities closer to groups.

All having individuality shouldn’t separate them but a lot of them are connected because of their differences being aware of different cultural backgrounds will allow people to hold respect and appreciation for each other. Instead of being prejudiced diversity is beautiful and cherishing.

Our differences should be a given but many a Crimea committed because of the lack of respect between people instead of working together, specific groups attempt to establish their superiority and overwhelming.

51 percent of fake crimes are committed because of bias towards our race the other 49% is divided between prejudice against religion sexual orientation ethnicity and disabilities eliminating bias and Prejudice starts with each of us.

We must respect admire and appreciate the distinct characteristics of every single person and culture.

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