Critical Thinking Essay | Essay On Critical Thinking {Step By Step Guide}


Critical Thinking Essay | Essay On Critical Thinking {Step By Step Guide}

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Critical Thinking Essay | Essay On Critical Thinking In English


Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined, analyzing, applying, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from experience, observation, communication, etc.

Critical thinking helps to improve the quality of the content. it is self-directive, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.

Critical thinking helps to presuppose an asset of excellence and gives the mindful command to act. It improves effective communication and problem-solving abilities.

Critical thinking is used to ask questions and think more deeply about the information, to check the evidence and reason.

Edward Glaser described critical thinking as involving three items in a seminal thesis on critical thinking and education published in 1941.

  1. An attitude of being disposed to thoughtfully evaluate the problems and subjects that fall within one’s knowledge experience.
  2. Knowledge of methods of logical inquiry.
  3. Some skills in applying those methods.
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Principal Of Critical Thinking

  • Be Curious, Ask Questions.
  • Define Terms
  • Examine Evidence
  • Analyze Assumptions And biases.
  • Avoid Emotional Reasoning
  • Don’t Oversimplify
  • Consider other interpretations.
  • Tolerate uncertainty.

Element And Component Of Critical Thinking

  • Identification of premises and conclusion: Break arguments into basic statements.
  • Clarification of Arguments: Critical thinkers locate puzzles and uncertainly in arguments.
  • Establishment of Facts: Thinkers determine the facts are reasonable and information has been omitted or not collected and they implicate the data logically.
  • Final  Evaluation…Finally, thinker’s weighed the evidence and argument. And they do not accept propositions if they think the arguments are unclear, omits significant information, or poor logic.

Critical Thinking Skill

  • Analyzing
  • Applying standard (judging according to established criteria).
  • Discriminating (making rank/category) (by difference/similarities).
  • Information Seeking (Searching evidence, facts, knowledge).
  • logical Reasoning (Drawing instructions or conclusions that are justified by evidence).
  • Predicting (Visualize plans and their consequences).
  • Transforming Knowledge (Changing the arguments among context).


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Benefits of Critical Thinking

  • You can gain benefits like better control of your own learning and empathy for other points of view.
  • Develops problem-solving in the classroom a day to day life.
  • Improve our ability to reflect, analyze, and planning.
  • It helps to develop intellectual skills and analyzing the capability of information.
  • Helps in the integration of knowledge in solving which helps in a fast-changing workplace.
  • It helps in improving language and presentation skills.
  • It improves comprehension abilities.
  • It develops creativity as it evaluating new ideas which are useful and relevant to the task.
  • It helps to better understand your experiences and views of others, enhancing your ability to work with different people.
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Uses Of Critical Thinking

  • Reasoning
  • Analyzing
  • Decision Making
  • Evaluating
  • Problem Solving

Importance Of Critical Thinking

  • Promotes Creativity
  • Crucial For Self Reflection
  • Helps to separate facts from opinions
  • Enhances efficiency
  • Enhances comprehension skills

Development Stages Of Critical Thinking

Step 1:- Unreflective {No awareness of flawed thinking}

Step 2:- Challenged {Limited Awareness}

Step 3:- Practicing {Regularly practices skills}

Step 4:- Beginning {Recognize need for critical thinking}

Step 5:- Advanced {Regularly Uses Skills}

Step 5:- Master {Critical Thinking Is Second Nature}


Critical thinking means how we think about anything. If there are many paths before us in our lives, how will we decide which of them will be better for us?

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Critical thinking means analyzing everything closely, thinking about it, and not believing in anything easily but doing research about it yourself and eventually arriving at the right answer.

Critical thinking is very important for us because due to a lack of critical thinking, we are not able to take the decision of life in the right direction and do something wrong by misguiding any person, which ultimately causes us to suffer.

Being a critical thinker does not just mean being skeptical about beliefs and information, but being able to judge the legitimacy of the information or belief in front of us.

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