Article On Social Media In 1000+ Words | Advantages & Disadvantages

Article On Social Media In 1000+ Words | Advantages & Disadvantages {Step by Step Guide}

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Article On Social Media In 1000+ Words

With the changing dimensions of society due to the digital revolution, social media placed its part in our daily life. it may be positive or negative. positive or negative role of social media determined by us only.

Social media ambit is getting wider day by day with the increase in reach of internet facility through Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. with all these social media provides us an opportunity to interact with people, government, technology, and many more other things.

List Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

Advantages Of Social MediaDisadvantages Of Social Media
  • Networking without border
  • Addiction
  • Instant News and Information
  • Mental illness
  • Great marketing channel for Business
  • Frauds & Scams
  • Exchange of ideas and Collaboration
  • Misleading Information
  • Education
  • Cyberbullying

Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media On Government:-

Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media
Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media

Along with so many positive aspects, social media is used negatively also. In this article, we will discuss the impacts of social media, along with regulatory measures.

Positive Impacts of Social Media On GovernmentNegative Impacts of Social Media On Government
  • Social media plays a great role in governance with the help of surveys online.
  • Which is much faster than physical surveys also free from human error. so that policy formation can be made more effective.
  • Social media can help in establishing contact like G2B, B2B, G2P, P2P.
  • And social media can also act as a supplementary tool to e-governance. e.g- My Gov App, Umang App, etc.
  • Sometimes social media is used to propagate false propaganda by some individual communities or else for their personal benefits or political mileage.
  • Which disturb the social harmony or may create chaos in the society like by uploading, edited, or manipulated pictures/videos which disturbs the feeling faith of any individual, community, or country.
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Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media On Society:-

Positive Impacts of Social Media On SocietyNegative Impacts of Social Media On Society
  • Social media act as a tool of awareness & information dissemination such as health advisory (Swachh Bharat Mission), Impact of ODF on society, climate change-related information, sustainable use of energy resources, education, etc.
  • Social media is used by any particular group to break the social fabric of society.
  • Nowadays a term which is used very regularly i.e, mobocracy means the dominance of mob. It is happening throughout the country with the help of social media. by using fake information like child lifting, cow slaughtering, etc.

Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media On Economic:-

Positive Impacts of Social Media On EconomicNegative Impacts of Social Media On Economic
  • Social media provide job opportunities to a different section of society. for example, youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Blogging, etc.
  • Youth involved themselves in a startup through social media and project themselves as job creators which contribute to our country in many ways like socially, economically, livelihoods, etc.
  • Through social media, innocent people are targeted by hackers.
  • Private information is collected by attracting innocent people with the offers and uses without consent.
  • So many credit frauds, account hacking is happening whose roots lie in social media.

Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media On Culture:-

Positive  Impacts of Social Media On CultureNegative Impacts of Social Media On Culture
  • Through social media, people become aware of different practices, food preferences, dressing sense of different people from different caste, religion, states countries.
  • It empowers their tolerance power. sensitivity & respect for others which leads to establishing social harmony in the world.
  • Some people from a particular religion are running their business of conversion from religion to others.
  • Recruitment of youth is going on for terrorist activities by terrorist groups like ISIS, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Indian Mujahideen, etc. example of these can be seen in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, j&k, etc.

Positive And Negative Impacts of Social Media On Environment:-

Positive Impacts of Social Media On EnvironmentNegative Impacts of Social Media On Environment
  • The danger of climate change can be countered with the help of social media to some extent by making it a people movement to save the earth.
  • Also during a natural calamity, social media plays its greater role in providing information & locating missing people. for example Chamoli Glacier break, Kerala floods, etc.
  • The information storage system of all social network sites or tools is dependent on the server. Which uses a lot of electricity.
  • And this electricity is mostly produced by non-renewable energy sources, due to which the environment is greatly affected.
  • The more social media users grow, the more resources it will require, the more it will harm our environment.


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List Of Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Benefits Of Social Media For Business
  • Increased Brand Visibility
  • Boost Sales
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Engage With Your Audience
  • Collaborate With Influencer
  • Get Feedback From Your Customer
  • Analytics
  • Monitor the Competition
  • Reputation and Crisis Management
  • Geo-Target Ads
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Tips for using social media accounts effectively

Tips for using social media
  • Don’t post irrelevant stuff
  • Use infographics in social media posts.
  • Use Hashtags in every post
  • Always mention the address of your website and contact number
  • Post at regular intervals

Conclusion {Article On Social Media}

By Seeing so many unwanted examples of the use of social media, we find a need to regulate this. because social media impacts on our generation, not an individual.

In the view of regulating the misuse of social media, we do not have separate regulations till now. but we need to implement & follow the regulation which is given by our supreme court on mobocracy or in other issues. along with this same way forward also to be brought as soon as possible.

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Accountability to be set on a content generator, privacy to be ensured on social media, regulation is brought as soon as possible, infrastructure to be made more robust for cybersecurity, an awareness campaign for people should be done more frequently.


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