You Think I'm Crazy, Ana Navarro reveals That's Why

Ana Navarro was selected a permanent co-host for season 26 of The View last month after appearing on the show for almost ten years.

She won't, however, be moving to New York City any time soon just because she'll have a more defined role on the show.

You think I'm insane enough to be the lone Miamian who moves to New York,

50-year-old Navarro says to PEOPLE. "Every New Yorker I know has relocated to Miami. 

No, my husband and I are not relocating to New York City. I love my life in Miami,

and I have simply too much going on there to give it up.

Navarro said she will "do what so many other professionals do"

And commute to work, even though in her case an aeroplane is involved.

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