White House speaker Nancy Pelosi arrives in Malaysia

As part of their second leg of their Indo-Pacific tour, a congressional delegation led by 

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Malaysia on Tuesday, according to media reports.

Pelosi and her team arrived at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base in Subang at 10.33 am, according to The Strait Times, citing local media (Malaysian times).

Pelosi will visit Taiwan today. She is travelling to Taiwan for meetings with government representatives on the autonomous island that China has threatened to annex.

China reiterated on Monday that it is closely monitoring reports of Pelosi's planned visit

and threatened a firm response and powerful countermeasure if she insisted on making the trip to Taipei.

Deng Xijun, the Chinese ambassador to ASEAN, announced that Beijing will conduct military exercises in the South China Sea from August 2–6.

Pelosi has the right to travel to Taiwan, according to the White House. John Kirby, the coordinator for the US National Security Council, said on Monday “If she goes it’s not without precedent, it’s not new,”.

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