What is Rett syndrome And Its Symptoms?

The capacity to speak, move, eat, and even breathe easily are all severely impaired in children is happen due to Rett syndrome, 

and it is a rare inherited neurological illness that almost exclusively affects girls. 

 Nearly continual repetitive hand motions are a defining feature of Rett syndrome. 

Rett syndrome is often identified in kids between the ages of 6 and 18 months 

as they start to fail developmental milestones or decline in already acquired abilities.

Reet Syndrome Symptoms 1) Vocal fatigue Or Loss of speech 2) Loss of Purposeful hand use

3) Uncontrollable hand motions, such as washing hands, 4) Loss of mobility or abnormal gait 5) A decline in muscle tone 6) Seizures (Convulsions) or Rett "episodes"

7) Scoliosis 8) Breathing problems 9) Sleep problems 10) Slower growth of the hands, feet, and head

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