UK PM Election Results 2022: Liz Truss Defeats Rishi Sunak To Become New UK PM

At a time when the nation is experiencing both industrial disturbance and a recession,

 Liz Truss was appointed as the UK's new prime minister today after winning the internal leadership race inside the dominant Conservative party.

She defeated Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, with 81,326 votes to 60,399

after a controversial and frequently tense party leadership election that lasted all summer and was started by Boris Johnson's resignation in July.

Following the announcement of the outcome, Truss said, "We need to show that we will deliver over the next two years.

I will provide an ambitious strategy to lower taxes and build our economy.

"I will address the energy crisis, taking care of people's energy bills while also addressing 

 the long-term problems we have with energy supply," the speaker stated.

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