Todd Chrisley said, I 'fell short' of God's Expectations and became the slave of the money.

Todd Chrisley acknowledged that he had previously "fallen short" of God's expectations and had turned into a "slave" to money and chasing financial success.

The "Chrisley Knows Best" reality star said last Friday on the most recent episode of his podcast "Chrisley Confessions" with his wife Julie, 

"God has literally taken me to a place where I have so much peace with no longer worrying about trying to please - or trying to meet the expectation of someone else."

 "The expectation I long to meet is of God. God anticipates that I will behave honourably, decently, and morally.

He anticipates that I will honor his word, take charge of my family, set a good example for my wife and kids, and lead by example."

He claimed he'd always made an effort to do that "But I failed to do that because I felt that

 I was the one doing the work and didn't give God the praise he deserved for what we were doing. 

I was the one getting out of bed every morning and staying up late at night, not realising that God was the one providing me with the strength to do so."

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