Fans of "The View" Criticize the show for Welcoming Back Elisabeth Hasselbeck

On Wednesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's return to "The View" sparked excitement among viewers.

The former co-host, who shared a seat at the Hot Topics table for ten years before quitting her job in 2013,

Appeared as a guest on this episode and became the focal point of a heated debate on politics, religion, and abortion.

The majority of "The View" audience opposed Hasselbeck's return to the program before she ever spoke,

and her mere presence alone generated a controversy on Twitter. When she finally weighed in, her comments incited ire in the audience.

Some viewers were more in favor of Hasselbeck's return to the panel despite the general dislike for her. 

The View has apparently handed Alyssa Farah Griffin the permanent spot.

that some wanted her to win; the news will be made official tomorrow.

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