The "Best Meteor Shower of the year", may be diminsh views due to supermoon.

The third supermoon of the summer, the Sturgeon full moon, will appear on the magnificent celestial stage Thursday night. 

Normally, this would excite ardent skywatchers, but instead, many people will be

watching the skies in anticipation of the annual Perseid meteor shower, 

which is anticipated to reach its spectacular mid-August peak early Friday morning.

You'll have the best chance to see the Perseids, which NASA calls "the best meteor shower of the year," 

at night when it is naturally dark and the skies are clear of light pollution.

Even in major cities, the meteor shower's peak activity, which launches 50 to 100 meteors per hour, is often visible in the early morning hours.

A supermoon brightens the heavens, thus having one at the same time may reduce the amount of visible meteors in half.

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