The Secret Service is unable to retrieve the deleted texts from January 6 that lawmakers want to view.

According to The Washington Post, the Secret Service is unable to access deleted text conversations from January 6, 2021,..

Indicating the loss of crucial information regarding what was happening as the attack on the Capitol was developing.

The agency cannot access records that the House committee's January 6th subcommittee had previously subpoenaed,

According to a senior official who was informed on the subject but whose identity has not been revealed by The Post.

The agency will provide thousands of records, but almost all of them have already been shared with an...

Agency watchdog and congressional committees, the senior official said, according to Carol D. Leonnig and Maria Sacchetti of The Post.

The agency made this decision after reviewing its communication databases over the course of the past four days.

Requests for comment from a Secret Service representative went unanswered.

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