NBC's Richard Engel's 6-year-old son, Henry passed away due to Rett Syndrome

Richard Engel, an NBC News journalist, said on Thursday that his 6-year-old son Henry had passed away after being diagnosed with Rett syndrome.

"Henry, our beloved son, passed away. He has giggled infectiously and had the softest bluest eyes with the lovely smile 

"With a photo of his baby, Engel posted a message on Twitter.

He was always surrounded by our affection, and he gave us so much more in return.

According to a memorial page published on the Texas Children's Hospital website, Henry passed away on August 9. 

Rett syndrome, a rare inherited neurological illness that causes significant physical 

And cognitive disabilities, was diagnosed when he was a infant.

According to the memorial website, "His parents realized that he was not meeting his developmental milestones, and he had multiple medical testing to figure out the cause.

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