Ozzy Osbourne returning to the UK due to mass shootings in the US

Ozzy, a musician, has to return to the UK just because increase in gun-related violence in the US.

According to Page Six, the rock legend recently declared that he and his wife Sharon Osbourne

 are relocating to their native country because they are "fed up" with the violence in the United States.

Osbourne, 73, told The Observer that "everything there is f-king absurd."

"I'm sick of hearing about individuals being murdered every day.

God only knows how many people have been shot during school shootings. 

And then there was the concert shooting in Vegas. It's f-king crazy," he continued, alluding to the horrific 2017 incident in which a shooter killed over 20 people at a country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

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