Natalia Dyer (Stranger thing): The toxic world of cosmetic surgery Tiktok...

Cosmetic procedures Eurocentric beauty standards and feelings of inadequacy are prevalent on TikTok.

After posting a video about Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things,

On social media over the weekend, an aesthetic nurse practitioner injector received a significant amount of abuse.

The user @np.miranda explains in the video exactly what cosmetic improvements Natalia should have if she were her injector. 

Her first recommendation is to "treat" Natalia's maseeters, which are indicated by two white arrows that point to the actress's cheekbone and jawbone. 

She then thinks on injecting chin filler to make Natalia's face appear more "heart-shaped."

She goes on to recommend lip filler, but "nothing crazy," just a "beautiful pout."

Following Botox, she suggests a brow lift to "open up" her eyes before proposing other skin treatments because she thinks Natalia's skin is rather thin.

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