Chinese propagandist removes tweet mentioning the possibility of Nancy Pelosi's plane being shot down

Propagandist for the Chinese government Hu Xijin admitted on Saturday that...

He had removed a tweet that had threatened military retaliation If US military jets accompany House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her visit to Taiwan.

He decided to delete the tweet, though, only after Twitter banned his account.

After Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden, Pelosi third in the line of presidential succession, 

Pelosi began her trip to Asia on Saturday morning. She has official trips scheduled in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

She may also stop in Taiwan, which Communist China claims is a breakaway province

Rather than an independent nation and has no right to engage in international affairs.

After a civil war that saw the Community Party take control of mainland China, the two separated in 1949.

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