Outrage as Manchin kills Democrats' environment plans

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who gained millions of dollars by starting a coal trading business in his native state of West Virginia,

appears to have dashed President Joe Biden's chances of passing a significant climate change bill.

In the US Senate, where Democrats and Republicans are evenly divided, Manchin, a centrist Democrat, is a key swing vote. 

The White House and other Democrats have been urging Manchin to back a comprehensive package of funding for renewable energy and electric automobiles for almost two years.

 The Democratic Party's plan is now in even more jeopardy before the midterm elections in November, 

 Which are likely to result in the party losing control of Congress to the Republicans. Manchin has now said he won't do so, at least not yet.

Manchin has stated that he is worried about the current, 40-year high level of inflation.

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