As the Keke Palmer and Zendaya dispute rages online, the word "colorism" is defined.

Actress Keke Palmer has stated categorically that she does not want to be compared to her friend Zendaya.

After the Nope star's Hollywood career was compared to Zendaya's, a heated discussion over "colorism" emerged on social media.

Palmer described her experience in the entertainment sector in a string of tweets while also claiming to have "incomparable talent."

A tweet from @NBAgladiator on July 24 received a tonne of attention on social media.

Even though both actors were child stars, the user pointed out that their careers had proceeded very differently.

"This may be one of the clearest illustrations of how colorism plays out in Hollywood," the tweet's addition said.

The conversation started after Keke Palmer received a lot of attention for her performance in Jordan Peel's most recent horror film, Nope.

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