Jennette McCurdy Gets Emotional while recalling her mom

In this sneak peek of the September 7 premiere of Facebook Watch's Red Table Talk,

the author of I'm Glad My Mom Died—which described the years of alleged physical and psychological abuse

Jennette endured at the hands of her deceased mother—explained how she's been able to move on.

Was Jennette ever able to forgive her mother for the behaviour and the problems that it caused?,

 a 27-year-old fan called Nicole questioned. "That's a fantastic question," said Jada Pinkett Smith, co-host of Red Table Talk.

Jennette, who was clearly crying, started to respond but stopped, saying,

"Oh god, I'm going to get emotional, I can feel it."

Jennette took a minute to gather herself before explaining why the subject was so meaningful to her.

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