Jackie Chan's movie is being filmed in a former Islamic State stronghold in Syria.

Although the 2015 Chinese mission to evacuate its residents and other foreigners from Yemen amid civil war... 

Served as inspiration for "Home Operation," but film only makes reference to the fictional nation of "Poman."

Hajar al-Aswad, a ghost town since a 2018 operation to drive away militants, has reemerged as the... 

Setting of a Jackie Chan-produced action film. It is located close to the Syrian capital.

"Home Operation" is based on China's 2015 operation to evacuate Chinese and other foreign nationals from the conflict in Yemen, which was regarded as a landmark moment for Beijing.

Although the script only makes reference to a fictional nation named "Poman," Yemen was deemed to be too risky as a location for filming, and some sequences of the movie,

Which is also supported by an Emirati production company, are currently being shot in Syria.

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