Is Netflix series 'Fakes', Based on a True Story? Let's Know

In the new Netflix series Fakes, best friends Zoe (Emilija Baranac) and

Rebecca (Jennifer Tong), both 18, effortlessly create a false ID empire. 

However, our two heroines rapidly realize the hard way that crime actually doesn't pay.

We were, however, somewhat surprised and shocked by this novel approach to female entrepreneurship. 

So, is Fakes based on a real incident?

Before we answer that query, it is important to clarify that the series is written from the perspectives of both Zoe and Rebecca.

Who is lying and who is the unreliable narrator? Whom in this series can we believe? Let's get started.

Although Fakes isn't based on a specific true story, we must admit that we're mildly disappointed that two industrious women didn't truly succeed in building a fake ID empire.

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