Is Liz Cheney next? 11 congress member's have lost their primaries this year.

Cheney is notable for being one of the 10 House Republicans who supported Donald Trump's impeachment last year.

She served as the vice chair of the House Select Committee investigating into the events of January 6,

 and she has also constantly been the most vocal opponent of the former President for the GOP, costing Cheney the post of party leader.

That has, to put it mildly, placed her in a less than ideal political position as she faces off against a primary opponent

who has backed by Trump's in a state where he received 70% of the vote in the 2020 election.

If Cheney loses on Tuesday, she would join the 11 other members of Congress

who suffered defeats in the 2022 primary season for a variety of reasons.

Tuesday's elections will feature two candidates with ties to the Republican Party.

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