Interview with Patrick Dempsey is ruined by Ellen Pompeo

Patrick Dempsey's brief conversation with Ellen Pompeo on the D23 Expo red carpet

 was ended prematurely by the star of "Grey's Anatomy," who is well-known to both him and his fans. 

Pompeo took the microphone from YahooKevin !'s Polowy and switched from the interviewee to the interviewer

when he appeared behind Dempsey and started speaking.

"Hello, everyone. She laughed and put her arm around his shoulder as he added,

"I'm here on the red carpet with Yahoo! interviewing the famous Ellen Pompeo. How does it feel to be a legend, Ellen?

She smiled, "Well, I thought we were already legendary, but I am extremely

delighted that we are officially legends," and Dempsey agreed with her.

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